Monday, October 22, 2007

FRC: ANTM - posers!

previously: victoria went back to yale. i don't know if you've heard, but she's a student at yale.

man oh man did i fuck up by switching my team last week. lisa got a bajillion points and i had already dumped her. damn my luck! now i'm in like, a thousandth place. great.

we get a segment on how "annoying" it is that janet has taken it upon herself to be "house mom" and make a chore list. oh yeah, it's so annoying to not want to live in a sty. then we see heather talking about the different ways she thinks each girl can improve and i think it's meant to be seen as heather being gossipy, but i really just think she was asked a question and answered it honestly. and i think that's obvious when bianca asks her to say what is wrong with her own self, and she gives a real answer.

ambreal tells us she's a musical theater major and things in my head fall into place. she also says that she's confident. words of death. i hate lisa's hair. i'm putting her back on my team though.

fucking benny ninja is back again. ugh! and then there's obvi VOing where he's all "i hope you remember me from the Old Navy challenge". oh the one that was like, 5 days ago? yeah, benny, everyone remembers. he's here to help with posing whilst in the air. there are trampolines and girls falling everywhere. poor heather is at the height of her awkwardness here (literally!). we hear ambreal say she thinks she has an edge over the other girls. strike 2.

some girls streak through the house as janet practices her walk and says she feels more mature than the rest of the girls. uh oh.

this weeks' challenge - posing while doing ice skating lifts. haha! hilarious! benny starts to introduce our special guest ice skating celebrity and i cross my fingers hard for nancy kerrigan or tonya harding. naive of me to assume it'd be a lady...we're talking about top model here. lloyd eisler is the guest. benny will shout an emotion at each girl, which they must convey in ice skating pose form. ambreal says she has this in the bag. strike 3 young lady, to the bottom two with you. the EIC of seventeen and cycle 6's Danielle (!) come out to guest judge and Dani has virtually no accent these days. they all pretty much suck here (remember what i said about the heather reaching the height of her awkwardness on the trampolines? that was wrong, she hits it here) but lisa sucks the least (not if you ask all the other girls. oh snap!) and wins the challenge. i see my points disappear before my eyes. she chooses to share the prize with ebony and janet. together, they will shoot an ad in seventeen with dani.

photo shoot: fashion gargoyles. ambreal freaks because of her fear of heights. curiously, lisa's fear of heights is not mentioned. i had high hopes for the potential creativity of this shoot...but honestly, i don't know what's gargoyle about it.
HEATHER: i think she does the best gargoyle posing...but the judges complain that all of her work is in profiles. they'd like her to switch it up.
JENAH: looks like gwen stefani
SARAH: gets shafted in the shoulder wrap department. the one she gets stuck with is decidedly un-gargoyle. not great posing work, either.
JANET: is too preoccupied with her underwears. requires too much direction.
SALEISHA: tyra feels her wake up call worked.
CHANTAL: gets praise.
BIANCA: does great this week (called second.)
LISA: nails the shoot. is sad that everyone hates her. jealous bitches.
AMBREAL: overcomes her fear to do the shoot. problem is, she doesn't do it well.
EBONY: needs to work on personality, but her shoots are getting better and better. there's an awesome moment where tyra outs her for never smiling.

Panel: Lisa is summoned first. janet and ambreal are bottom 2. janet needs too much coaching, and ambreal is getting worse. without explaining why they would boot someone who can be good but needs so much direction over someone who is GETTING WORSE, they send janet home. ambreal will go next week, i'm sure.

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