Tuesday, October 09, 2007

FRC: KN - Law Time

Again with the epic previouslys. CBS, we've been watching the show...this isn't necessary.

We enter on the kids going crazy on a sugar binge. there's rootbeer and screaming. and the kids are drinking what appears to be boilermakers...where'd they learn that? seriously, though, these kids are out of control. i'm surprised none of them went into a diabetic coma.

coincidentally, after a night of partying til 3 am, the town council reads the journal entry that encourages them to instill a curfew. meanwhile, greg is making quite the effort in trying to awaken the town. they're all acting like they're hungover. oh, kids! one of the girls whines about how greg dragging their sleeping bags (with them in it) into the center of town was way not cool and physically hurt. he calls her a bitch. Laurel reprimands him, saying that they used to respect him and thought he deserved the gold star. past tense. ouch. greg gets all teenage boy and tries to pick a fight with some guy, and his BFF blaine has to pull him off. greg curses at everyone from the window of his bunk.

the town council sets a 9:30 curfew. as in most town meetings, there is general uproar. the older kids of course want a later curfew. colton from the yellow team shuts them up in a manly way. Later, he and his boyz go hiking. they find cows and decide to scare them. the bull stays put and colton has a stand off with him. his friends urge him to back off and get nervous, but damn if colton didn't scare that bull off.

mallory (8) quite adorably tries to clean up the mess from yellow's flour war. with a rake! taylor's district produces a terrible meal and calls it brunch because they're too lazy to start early and don't want to be bothered to make an extra meal. i'm quickly learning that taylor's catchphrase is "deal with it!" it's no "don't threaten me with a good time" though. everyone wants yellow out of the kitchen.

district showdown. it's a complicated plotline, this showdown. basically, the council members are "sheriffs" and will be standing on a podium with wanted posters, shouting out the names of outlaw sheep. all sheep have names painted on them and district-colored playing cards around their necks, with the wanted sheep sporting the ace. each team must catch all three of their outlaws aces in 5 minutes. why do all the kids have bloody lips? guess what? greg has raised sheep before! colton makes quite the show catching aces for yellow. all three of them as a matter of fact. yellow, now as upper class, can do what they do best - nothing. blue comes in second, green FINALLY gets out of the labor class and sophia comes all over the place thinking of getting back to her kitchen officially. red finish with five seconds remaining. the town reward option is either a "frontier microwave" and barrel of cocoa, or 40 pizzas. council meets, taylor wisely points out its between what they want and need. mike always seems to want the want prize. he says it will ruin the town if they don't choose pizza. diva. the council chooses the micro. uproar. mike shows poor form in joining the yelling about not getting pizza and not supporting his council's vote. taylor is "deal with it!"-ing all over the place.

this week, the gold star is between some girl morgan and greg, until olivia nominates her cutey sis, Mallory. she may be small, but she does her part and is way mature. the ceremony would be on mallory's birthday. well played olivia.

at the town meeting, there is an attack on taylor. she gets called out for not doing work whether or not yellow has a job and they tell her they hate her catchphrase. she gets all cry face. sophia takes over jonathan's role at the meeting and there is near mutiny as the town calls for yellow leader reelection. taylor cries more. the town picks on her. then they realize that they, as a group, made an 11 year old girl cry. things get awkward. taylor promises to improve. The council awards the star to mallory. happy birthday! greg, again, is disgruntled.

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