Monday, October 15, 2007

FRC: KN- Oh Lord, Religion?!

Ugh. We come in on morgan and sophia talking about religion, and man, i love sophia more and more each week. Morgan is searching for a purpose (if i wasn't meant to win last week's gold star, then what am i here for?) and sophia doesn't believe in God these days. then we see jared telling some kid about some anti-semite that would tease him all the time. surprisingly (not really) today's journal pushes the town to organize religiously...and..that's a little too far i think. the kids are never just gonna consider what the journal says, they're always gonna act on it. religion is a touchy subject as it is, but to have 39 kids who probably don't really understand their own religions (other than what they know from their parents) try to figure out a way to understand religions different from theirs is a lot to ask. i have a feeling that most of these kids just go through the motions anyway. if anything comes out of this whole thing, i'm calling producer tampering.

the council proposes having one service where everyone can come and say a little bit about their religions. much of the town hates the thought of any service (sophia) and some oppose the mixing of religions into one service (olivia). the council doesn't like to listen to the town's opinions though, so they put their collective foot down and announce that the first service will be later that day. power hungry council! cute lil one-toothed-dark-glasses alex (9--who i have mentioned maybe once but has been quite adorably present from the start) takes it upon himself to survey the town to find out religious statistics.

the town refuses to gather when the council calls them for service. they can't get over how 'narrow-minded' these kids are. well, for one thing, town council, you didn't listen to them when they said they didn't want it, and now they're showing you. and for another thing, i think the council was viewing this more as a "lets learn about each other's religions" as opposed to the town seeing it as their regular service. one girl says she doesn't want to be in service with atheist people. Haha. They don't want to be there either. Many fear impending conflict. The Morganizer puts together an optional late nite last minute prayer circle. Ah, she must've seen that her purpose was to vie for this week's gold star.

SHOWDOWN: the teams must put together a large puzzle of a steeple and then raise it upright with a pulley within 30 minutes. i bet greg's spent some time building churches. it again comes between red and blue for the top, yellow and green for the bottom. blue reclaims upper class, followed by red, yellow back in the kitchen (which no one wants) and poor fucking green scrubbing toilets again. the town reward is either a mini golf course or a library of religious books. they're gonna choose the mini golf, right? No! Can you believe this? the council makes the town decide (laurel needs chapstick) and they choose the holy books. yeah right! those kids have been guilted good. must be a lot of catholics. and THEN, they all go read those books. yeah, right. i'd love to see what happens when the journals about abortion and same sex marriage come in.

little homesick cody (9) reads a letter from his girlfriend (who he's liked since the third grade, which is maybe like 1 year then?) and is all cryface about it. then he says that he just wants to drink a rootbeer and get his mind off it. it's just SODA! where do these kids get these ideas?

taylor does not hold good to her promises and refuses still to work. zach goes on a mission seeking help with the dishes and stupid red leader Mike is all "i was gonna wash my hair" about it. he's no better than taylor. zach collects people from a mixture of districts to chip in and help with the dishes. if only he could get his own district to do their damn job. looks like morgan is gonna have some gold star competition. the morganizer annoys me, so i'd be happy to see that post-losing smile fade once again.

town hall meeting -- everyone disapproves of taylor. she ain't changing. deal with it! :) cody misses his family and his ho, so he opts to leave. his one friend (campbell) cries about it and they practically make out when he leaves. poor campbell. the gold star goes to morgan. ugh. she tries to act all humble like she wasn't expecting it. whatevs. poor greg. he's so misunderstood. we are left with campbell doing shots of rootbeer, mourning the exit of his best bud.

final kid count: 38

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Becca said...

i just watched this episode online (so excited to be able to keep up wiht your recaps). i didn't think i could strongly dislike kid so much, but taylor is a little shithead!

what's weird is that there's a kid like taylor and then there's several kids who seem strangely wise beyond their years....some probably smarter than most adults i know.

although the root beer thing is cute, i think the show would take a much more interesting turn if the saloon served actual beer. if the kidsmay have to fend for themselves like "adults" they might as well drink like them to.