Monday, October 15, 2007

Questions...with Sara

There are loads of things i have questions about...and while i can usually find the answers after some extensive google research, sometimes i'm too lazy. or sometimes i want to see what real people think. and sometimes i just can't come up with the right word combo for a search engine. Here is today's question: what the hell happened to full opening credits?? I love a good credit sequence as much as the next guy (that loves credit sequences)...if it's a really good one, I can't even bring myself to fast forward through it. The top model opening is a guilty pleasure, the Deadwood opening is one of my all time favorites, and there's just something about the cold case theme. but i'm watching all these new shows and they're just offering me TITLE CARDS? what the eff man? I thought maybe it was just something they did with pilots or until they knew their shows would be around for a while. i've noticed though, that desperate housewives doesn't use their opening anymore, opting for that pic of the housewives with apples and 'created by marc cherry' as the only representation. Is this following the footsteps of Lost and Heroes? because really I need something more than just a title flash. Really good credit sequences add so much to the anticipation of the show, i think. The sequences for each season of the wire always deliver, keeping the song the same but covered by a different artist each year (come to think of it, HBO always has good openings). But i'm watching all these new shows, waiting for them to blow me away with awesome credits and they just tell me what the hell i'm watching. I know what i'm watching, i want to know who i'm watching-- names of the actors accompanied by sassy/funny/bad ass clips of that person. too much to ask?

Also something interesting...I just lifted up my keyboard wrist pad to place it in a more ideal location and under it I discovered a land of lost eyelashes. Why do they all travel to the same place? is it seen as cool, gelly, lash-refuge? do i lose a lot of eyelashes when i type?


Anonymous said...

I disagree. I hate the opening sequences. Specifically for the bad ass/sassy shots of the character. I like the show already. I dont need some douche editor slowing down cool guy#1's entrance into a room with said characters real name. It also leaves more time for the actual show. I like the show friends but when they're all dancing in the fountain i wish a live electrical wire would break and fall in their with them. And theme songs pretty much died when the 80's ended. Except for Beverly Hills 90210. That was bad ass.

Sara said...

fuck you bill

Sara said...


christine said...

i both agree and disagree with your sentiments. i agree that opening credits are often a nice pause, a familiar boost to a startling opener perhaps, whatevs. sometimes, though, i'd rather the show just start. here are some egs.
agree: ANTM, the gauntlet, sheer genius (although that song?!?), proj runway, etc ( i like to holler out "like"/"dislike" or "gone"/"not gone" as appropriate as the faces scroll by. it also helps me learn their names the first few eps).
disagree: CSI Miami. the STOOPID one-liner by dcaruso and then the stoopid "waaaowwww" by the who. SHUT UP.
agree: golden girls. duh.
disagree: the L word. that song makes me embarrassed for all involved parties.
agree: roseanne family ties perfect strangers.
disagree: cheers.

also: SO WEIRD about your lashes. not sure what to make of that.

ALSO: sara's question quorner is a great platform for me to tell you all the glorious ways i agree with you. and the occasional, minor times i do not.

Sara said...

questions quorner is officially the new title! also, i'm gonna have to give some points to bill and christine because it is a case by case basis. there are definitely openers i hate (L Word - AGREED!) but the ones i love i love so much.