Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun with IM

at photoshop82's request, we have reproduced a recent IM conversation here. photoshop82 is an alias, so don't add him/her to your buddy list expecting to get the gory details. coolface2000 is also an alias, so stop being a stalker. the "dude" discussed in this convo has also had his name changed. it will now be "bramlet abercrombie".

photoshop82: oh man
photoshop82: 3.30 and counting
photoshop82: and i still don't have a present for bramlet
photoshop82: little bramlet abercrombie
coolface2000: give him your precious flower again
coolface2000: and again
photoshop82: i was thinking of surprising him in his darkroom at school, if you know what i mean
coolface2000: mhmm
photoshop82: but i have no idea where it is
coolface2000: and you might end up blowing the class nerd

1 comment:

Pico de Gallo said...

OSJ I'm sooo glad you posted this here. People really need to take that kind of stuff seriously because that totally happened to me once.