Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Reality Corner: Unbeweavable! Edition

Project Runway:
UGH! Ok, I was just as scared as the next guy that Michael was going to be eliminated (and before Jeffrey, even) but what a flippin' waste of an episode. I'm not gonna waste much time here with it since we all already had an hour wasted. We waited two weeks to see this: the final four (Michael, Laura, Uli, Jeffrey) were given a challenge to make something something that represented so and so. Everyone in the world though Uli would be eliminated in this episode, not because we hate her but it was just logistically the next step. Uli wins the challenge which busts that theory. Then Laura is in. So we're all are shaking in our boots because it's the biggest asshole in the world versus the genius that we all love. They are both in. No one is eliminated. Everyone's going to Olympus Fashion Week. Next week's ep is a reunion. So'll have been a month before we see any real episodes here. Also, a lot of people are starting to root for Jeffrey out of anger from this ridiculous episode. I am not one of those people.

America's Next Top Model:
This season is making me nervous that top model ain't what it used to be. we're only on episode 2, so things can definitely change...but i fear that top model is going the way of 'real world' in that the contestants now are more aware than ever that they are on tv and may be starting drama (Monique) just to get more face time (Monique) on camera (Monique). Speaking of hateful bitches...who do these judges think they are? The most gorgeous contestant there, Megan, was booted last week. I may be taking this personally because she was my early favorite, but the thing is, her picture was definitely not the worst of the week. On top of that, we had major diva issues (again) from Monique, Melrose, and Jaeda when it came to the makeover. (that's another thing! the makeover ep is my absolute favorite and it was way underwhelming this year...except for the whole frederic fekkai thing that none of the models (except Megan) appreciated). Also, Jaeda had the same problem she did last week where she couldn't give more than one pose. Megg had the same problem as last week where she's fug and annoying.

LIKE: Brooke, CariDee, Michelle
DISLIKE: Megg, Monique, Melrose, Anchal*
NOT SURE: AJ, Jaeda, Amanda, Eugena
DOESN'T MATTER: (sigh) Megan

*i'm not giving anchal a fair chance. i dislike her on principle.

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