Monday, October 16, 2006

FRC: Project Runway, Finale Pt. 1

this week was the first part of the finale. now, this season is my first Project Runway experience, so I didn't really know what to expect when i heard the finale was going to be in two parts. So, basically what happens in part one is this: Tim Gunn visits the finalists, four in this case, about two months prior to Olympus Fashion Week to check on their status. This is what we discovered on this journey...
Michael is adorable and so is his family. Unfortunately it looks like his collection might not be.
Uli is Uli and at least she knows that. At least she's likeable and her clothes are nice.
Laura has a kick ass apartment and a gaggle of boys. i don't know if we ever saw (or if she even has a girl).
Jeff knocked up a girlfriend of five months. Listen, this is how i feel about Jeffrey (as if we all don't already know)...I feel like we were manipulated into making him the villain but i don't think that was probably a very hard thing to do considering what an ass the guy is. And now they are trying to make us sympathetic by having him talk about how great it is to be a father and drone on about how his dad left at 8 and how he boohoo became a drug addict and we should all be proud of him because he's come so far even though he has the maturity of an 8 year old. Ugh. I still hate him. I was manipulated once...not gonna happen again.
So after this, the designers move back in with each other to Flatotel (interestingly enough, a location i worked on a shoot at which produced the worst tatum o'neal experience of my life) At some point, Laura notices the extraordinary seamwork on jeff's items and the fact that he was able to finish everything (and a lot of it) (even though he went on about how he was also busy preparing his next season) in the time alloted while the other three still had little details to finish. laura goes about it by first sharing this thought with michael and uli..and when they could see that maybe her claim could possibly have merit, she went to tim gunn with it (who in turn took it to the producers). after this she told jeffrey that she told tim. I feel like this was a fine way for laura to go about this if she had legitimate concern. i don't think that she did this just because she doesn't like jeffrey because i feel like a mother of 6 probably knows a thing or two about maturity. We ended on this conflict and all will be resolved in this week's episode. Here are four things we learned this episode:
1) Uli grew up dodging bullets in east germany
2) laura is married to albert einstein
3) michael has an awesome family but especially an awesome dad
4) jeffrey apparently has a mandate where everyone in his family must have a 'hawk.

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