Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fall Reality Corner

This week's episode was a reunion show, so there's not too much to say about's more of a "you had to be there" sort of thing, but here are some highlights...
1) The Return of Keith - Ugh. I forgot how much I hated this guy. He should've been kicked off the reunion too. Especially after he tried to say (three months after the fact) that the famous pattern books that were part of the reason he was kicked off weren't his and were planted there. What an ass. Ugh. I hate him more than i hate jeffrey (and we KNOW how much i hate jeffrey) and i only had to experience him for like, 3 episodes.
2) Fainting Models - hahhahahaha. who knew about this? how i wish they would've aired this shit in the show. Apparently, Amanda, or as i like to call her "Shuffle iPod Mandy", was prone to fainting and more than once they had to stop the show to give her a seat whilst she fanned herself. That crazy redhead.
3) Vince is Crazy - Surprise, surprise. Something that does NOT turn Vince on is someone else ever so kindly doing his laundry for him. (I'm sympathetic because it's probably a PA and i've been through those hard knocks). He was all "scream this and fuck that and get me an airplane ticket because i'm outta here". he wanted to leave the show because his shirts were laundered. and my question was this: isn't vince from new york? did he really need a plane ticket to get out of there? i could be wrong.

So the challenges this week were...HILARIOUS. I think the sole purpose of them were to embarrass and torture the girls and to thoroughly entertain the viewing audience. and to that i say, well done ty-ty, well done. First off, they had to walk a tightrope to "practice putting one foot in front of the other"..which translates to: "so that people can see you make embarrassing wobbly faces". They also had to practice walking in a straight line over cobblestone. This was almost as painful to watch as that one Vivenne Westwood challenge. But AJ nailed it. and then there was the photoshoot, where they had to do a runway show on a teetering plank that sat on water and would vigorously shake from side to side if you stepped anywhere other than the middle. Eugena nailed it. and by nailed it i mean fell in the water and skinned her knee. and to top all this embarrassment off, they had to walk around with a fruit bowl on their heads for the judges challenge. And the judges were all "this shouldn't be hard guys, Nnenna [from cycle 6] could do it." What they failed to mention is that Nnenna is from AFRICA and they all basically carry their purses like that over there.
MONIQUE AND MELROSE - This bitter feud came to an end with the booting of Monique. Thank god! normally, the end of a bitter feud is unfortunate, because they're always so fun to watch. but monique was TERRIBLE and not even "Jade FUN terrible". Monique was able to spread her vagina juice on Melrose one final time when she wiped her dirty panties all over melrose's bed. she then fell deathly ill and opted to skip the photo shoot. I think this "sickness" was either a reaction to her own vagina juice, or the devil trying to force himself free of her mortal shell.
AJ- I want to like her. I love her look and she's shown me that she's got the necessary skills, I'm just still unsure of her personality...especially when she chose Megg to share in her challenge win.
CARIDEE- This girl got major points when she decided to give a shout out to crazy Jade by saying "Thank you for believing in me" to Tyra when called second to last in the judging. awesome.
FUGG MEGG - ugh. this girl is NOT PRETTY. I seriously dislike her. Ugh. she makes me want to kill. and fucking learn how to take care of that nappy weave. it is NOT rock and roll to look like a couple of squirrels had a skirmish on your head. Also, a few people have pointed out that she looks like Mayim Bialik of Blossom fame. To that i say, let's just hope there's a photo shoot with 90's hats:

LIKE: Michelle, CariDee, Brooke
HATE: Megg, Melrose, Anchal
NOT SURE: AJ, Amanda, Eugena, Jaeda

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