Monday, October 16, 2006

FRC: ANTM, We Hate Fatties Edition

first off, i want to say that if you are way into top model and you really want to read a great commentary on each episode you should go to fourfour it's 120 types of wonderful. the challenge this week was introduced by some dude that really loved gumby as a kid. is it just me, or does anyone else think that it would be way creepy if somebody was giving you instruction whilst twisting himself around in all different (and uncomfortable) ways. (by uncomfortable i don't mean uncomfortable-looking, i mean creating an awkward atmosphere).
EUGENA won. she's great at these challenges. she needs to step it up with the photos though. maybe she'll have a chance to shine now that she's not monique's lapdog anymore. she did a pretty good job with her beak photo shoot.
BROOKE - i think brooke is adorable. i don't think she's a model. she'll probably be around for a couple more weeks, but i don't think she'll make it much further.
AMANDA/MICHELLE - i wish i could separate these two but the goddamn show won't let me. it's kind of unfair that they're judged as a twosome so often (especially since michelle is scads better than amanda) and i wonder where the show is trying to go with this.
A.J. - i think AJ has the goods. i'm really kind of still hesitant on whether or not her personality is grand. She's friends with Megg and that's a bad enough sign. But i'm gonna still root for her because she's pretty good.
JAEDA - i think will be departing very soon. so let's not waste time on her.
CARIDEE - i think this girl might be the replacement for Megan as the one i'm rooting for. she might be kind of dumb, but that's ok. she nailed this week's photo shoot and she had a strange rubber trunk. ps. does anyone else think it's weird that this episode with the freaks photo shoot aired the week after the my name is earl episode about the freak community and the same week that the new comedy central cartoon freak show premiered?
MELROSE - it seems that monique and melrose's beef with each other was over the title of head bitch. somehow melrose beat out thy bitchiest of all and now everyone has focused their hatred and pointy fingers on her. i do think she's annoying, but i don't think that she's as bad as the other girls make her out to be.
ANCHAL- Ok, this is my problem with anchal. even though i don't like her face, i do understand that she's pretty. although i don't think she's fat, i think she does have a little bit of a stomach. i noticed it the first episode. and no other girl would have lasted this long (or gotten on) with that stomach unless they called her a "plus size". i don't agree with it, i'm just saying that's what happens. so this just proves my point that anchal is only there because she's the token ethnic girl. and she whined and whined about how she doesn't have a flat stomach like the other girls and other girls pick on her because she's not improving...but if you're gonna sit there and cook 4 eggs for YOURSELF, participate in second meals, and eat ice cream whenever the hell you want...but think someone is picking on you when they suggest you do a little cardio and maybe that will help your not-flat stomach...oh nuh-uh. her picture sucked. she was the giant lady (haha. fattie) and she just looked like a pretty lady that owned a small piano. she's not good. she's chunk. she's the token ethnic.
FUGG MEGG- IS OUT!!!! HOORAY!!! i really wanted to photoshop a mohawk on her so she could fit into jeffrey's family, but rock and roll i don't want to look at her face again if i don't have to. and seriously, her picture this week was terrible. and also, hilarious that she was the bearded lady. and thirdly, haha she cried in front of panel and begged the judges for another chances but thank god, they weren't havin it.
ATOOSA - please. for everyone's sake. stop with the plastic surgery. you look like the puppet from saw.

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Distar said...

Least favorites: Anchal (agree with you- don't get why they're always saying she's so pretty) & Jaeda (she looks like a man- that Bobby Brown pose was classic)

Favorite: Melrose- she has major attitude, but she's the hardest working of the bunch and the only one with an iota of brain