Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Reality Corner: Cop-out Edition

Due to extenuating circumstances, this week's recap is late and will be very short and pretty half-assed:

1) apparently the editors forgot that they have already shown us a lot of the stuff we saw this week, since we heard jaeda bitch about her hair, anchal bitch about being a fattie, and everyone bitching about melrose being a bitch.
2) tyra is a stone cold cunt for booting brooke the night of her high school graduation.
3) tyra looks stupid holding a camera. is she planning on being the photographer of a shoot every cycle now?
4) something something about burlesque something and walking on a table while people are trying to have dinner.
5) saw II came around. will there be a saw III?
6) fabio? really? the whole shoot was awkward and skeevy and fabio is a creep. i wish they had instead done a shoot where they photoshopped each model's face onto a bird flying into fab's nose. and he can be in the midst of enjoying a different amusement park ride for each girl. examples: for caridee, he'd be on a rollercoaster (because those are usually the best rides), for brooke, the teacups (because she's just a kid), for michelle/amanda he'd be on the zipper (because if they turn sideways and stick their tongues out, they'd look like one), for melrose the ferris wheel (because that's the oldest ride in the park), for jaeda the log flume (she so manly), he could be in the haunted house for eugena (dead eyes) and on the scrambler for anchal (that's probably how she takes her dozen eggs).

i'm thinking about a top three of caridee, melrose, and amanda. and i'm guessing eugena or jaeda finally go this week.


ricky said...

I was gonna leave a comment, but Anchel ate it for a midmorning snack along with 6 eggs and a half-rack of ribs.

Coolface said...

i just want to clarify that when i said amanda would be in the top 3 i meant michelle.

anchal said...

yeah i ate the comment and it was delicious. however, it went straight to my thighs.