Sunday, August 31, 2008

premiere time a-gain!

the new tv season is kicking off this week with the cw starting their engines. hopefully this year, we'll get full seasons and the decent shows will have a fair fighting chance at sticking around. unfortunately, ever since i got my new computer with leopard, my scanner refuses to talk to it, so i can't scan my dweebtastic tv grids. however, i am trying a different (but equally nerdy) approach this year, and am putting it on an excel spreadsheet. do you guys want me to upload that to guide you through this? i also have a list of premiere dates i can upload as well, just let me know in the comments if that's what y'all want. and just a reminder, i don't include all new shows in my guides, just the ones that have somehow piqued my interest. i will also stick with my 2 - 3 episode with the carpool exception rule. for anyone new around here, that means that i'll give a new show two to three episodes before i officially decide to ditch it or continue watching. the carpool exception is named after that horrid sitcom that premiered last year that i couldn't make past half an episode, and will be used only in extreme circumstances. so make sure to keep coming around so we can keep track of what's on and what's good.

here is a quick rundown of some of what i will have on my plate:

gossip girl, top model, heroes - duh
sarah connor chronicles - aside from john connor, this show is pretty decent
how i met your mother, new adventures of old christine - solid sitcoms
30 rock, the office, samantha who? - awesome comedy viewing
my name is earl, entourage - i've come this far
desperate housewives, ugly betty - old reliables
pushing daisies, private practice, life, dirty sexy money - baby's first full season!

tabatha's salon takeover, cho show - already started, and i'm liking them so far
privileged, valentine inc - lame cw shows that i'll probs hate but can't stop watching
90210 - this just reeks of good bad and i can't wait
fringe - i will follow you anywhere but scientology, mr abrams
true blood - hbo does vampires. sexayyy
little britain usa - intrigued
ex list - watching only because i've worked with the actress. probably won't last
kath and kim - though i am dubious
knight rider - i watched the tv movie and it was bad, but i'll still be watching this

sons of anarchy, easy money, the mentalist, life on mars - shrug
my own worst enemy, crusoe - according to the internetz, these both will suck badly

what shows are you guys excited for?

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