Thursday, August 07, 2008

i've really made it!

i was hanging out with my dear friend of, like, 14 years tonight and she asked what comes up when i google myself. i told her it was mostly stuff about some lady named Sara Martinez-Tucker, who is president of some hispanic something or other, and that i don't actually appear until the second or third page. i decided to verify that by googling myself, "sara martinez" again just now, and the first appearance i make, which comes on page 2, is rather curious. actually, it's not only the first appearance i make, but also the ONLY appearance i make on the first ten pages. apparently, i, sara martinez, have a page in the movie section of the nytimes solely because i've worked on a movie with molly shannon and on ivana trump's reality show. how VERY curious! hopefully this post at least ups my google appearances to two. me being sara martinez.

UPDATE: it did NOT up my appearances. at least in the first 10 pages. i didn't have the heart to go on.


Ricky said...

at least you don't have 10 pages of some stupid porn star takin' up all your googles.

Sara said...

bwahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!! NHNS@!@#*$@!!

Sara said...

two more things: 1) i'm kind of in love with the phrase "takin' up all your googles" now

and 2) at least when you google image search your name, ricky, your fat wonder woman drawing comes up. all i get is that damn tucker woman and some runaway teen!

christine said...

want to google me? you will get me mixed up with a body builder and a former prostitute.
hire me, prospective employers!
i'm a hypertan and sinewy reformed sex worker who wrote a movie review in 04.
oh, google.