Thursday, August 14, 2008

oh! lympics - i'm so psychic

uh, guys. we need to talk. so as we all know, i've been watching an enormous amount of olympics. and i was complaining to myself the other day that there are so many fricken swimming matches. i mean, i was going a little overboard watching a lot of the heats and semifinals...i probably won't do that next time, but i did want to get familiar with who the competition was. okay, blah blah blah, watching a lot of olympics...all the swimming events are bleeding into one another. i get confused because i feel like i already saw someone win a medal so how did this other guy just win it too. a lot of it had to do with me recording all the hours and hours of stuff, but prioritizing the primetime offerings before going to the affiliates. so, i would actually see a medal race before i would watch the semifinals for it. ok, with this in mind, i could've sworn i saw a news story yesterday in my reader about rebecca soni winning a gold. i explicitly remember not clicking on the story because i didn't want it to further spoil anything i hadn't watched. so, just effing now, i'm watching the primetime olympics, and sure enough, rebecca soni comes up for a swim. oh, i wonder if she'll do good, since she just won the gold in that other event. so i'm watching it, and she wins. and i'm, another one. but, everyone's saying that this is her first gold and i'm like 'but she won one yesterday, i saw it in the news'. and i'm doing all this internet research (aka a five minute google search), and this gold medal seems to have been her first. and this event is happening live, so it's not a repeat of something i already saw. guys, am i psychic? did i dream this last night? has watching all these olympics unlocked some hidden power in me? or do i have a brain tumor? these are all very important questions. if you guys can find out why i feel like i saw an article yesterday saying rebecca soni (an athlete i wasn't even that familiar with) won a gold, then please let me know. i feel like i saw it in my reader, but when i combed the backlogs of cnn, there was nothing. !!

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