Friday, August 29, 2008

cockburn, mahboob, and dong dong

recently and not so recently on the blog:

(it's been a while since we've rounded up, but it makes us look more prolific!)

- rogue pony told wife who told me to yearbook myself (who told brother...). hilarity ensued for ages and then the rest of the big time blogs caught on.

- i got a serious case of olympic fever, and turned my millions of hours of viewings into some astute observations, starting with the inaugural Oh! Lympics 2008 post. from there, i came across some hilarious wording, made sure China knew i was onto them, had a psychic dream, and then slacked for a little bit, but made up for it with a jam-packed closing post

in non-olympics news

- becca cracks the case on how children get into grabber machines

- i wrote a love letter to my post office

- i got a part-time job and learned the dirty inbred secrets of the coffee family

- a note on pants

- and another on spam

- a subway spotlight i wish i'd seen

- and finally, the the 90's are back in a big way!!

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