Monday, August 18, 2008

goodbye to you! forever!

i was at my local post office last friday to pick up a package from my wonderful mother. i never expect a pleasant experience at the post office (unless we're talking about when i worked at my college PO), so i usually just try to be as patient as possible with both the line and the postal employees. i've had bad experiences at the post office by my old apartment, but nothing beyond hour lines at the Kensington branch. However, on friday, i noticed there was a particularly pissy woman working.

usually, post offices have a window designated to pick packages up. the kensington post office does that, but only sometimes. so if i go in and see an extra line or a person in the fifth window, i head there to pick the package up. if not, i get in the normal line and wait it out. this particular friday, there was no line or person at the window, so i got in the normal line. the bell rung and i approached the window bearing my package slip. before i could do anything but give a lovely smile to the worker, she grunts out 'uh, you need to go to the last window.' i remind myself that most PO workers are bitches (i wasn't) and to just remain pleasant and not raise a fuss. i head over to the fifth window, which by this point has a customer waiting for service. i slowly approach him from the side and notice there is no one even offering to help this man, so i look back through the windows to see if there even any extra workers. at this point, the bitch from before snappily says 'not that window' (i've stopped in front of window 4). i decide to not take this sitting down, so i assertively say back to her "Yeah, i know, but someone's already here waiting to be helped." She sights the man and just goes 'oh...'

The two of us wait a few minutes before anyone even comes to the window. finally another worker comes to collect the dude's slip, but spends an excessive amount of time looking for it. i'm chillin, because i know how incompetent some brooklyn post offices are, but the man in front of me keeps turning to me to complain. "can you believe this? we pay for this service." etc, etc. I nod my head in agreement, and offer a few incredulous laughs. he then says "you know, it's on youtube!" i'm all "say what?" and he says "type in kensington post office".

so i did just that, and I'm about 80% sure that the postal worker that is heard in the following video is the same bitch who snapped at me for no reason.

and might i say, while he probably didn't go about it in the best way, this man had a point. that worker was not only antagonizing the customer from behind the glass, but she also seemed to forget that she's a government worker and can't just throw out attitude everywhere because she hates her life.

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Becca said...

oh wow. gothamist listed your post office as quite possibly the worst on nyc!! that's quite an accomplishment!