Friday, August 29, 2008

90's again already?

a couple days ago, i was working on a shoot and doing some pickups with a buddy of mine, and we were noticing how the 90's are making a comeback. it started off with the radio station we were listening to that kept playing 90's hits. then throughout the day, we caught a few things here and there reaffirming our belief that the 90's are back. i got home from the cookie shoppe (as i said to a different friend, i feel like my cookie place would spell shop with a -pe) today and checked my mail and dadgummit if jennie garth and shannen doherty weren't sitting on the cover of my entertainment weekly, acting all 90's about the world.

i guess there's nothing we can do to stop it, but can we all please be conscious about not letting the fashion go back there too?

i mean, seriously

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally agree with you.
There are a lot of bad but good too.
I have a blogspot too. Come and see.