Wednesday, August 13, 2008

children in grabber machines: the saga continues

remember this picture post from back in August 2006 of children stuck in grabber machines?

well my friend meg just forwarded me this surveillance video today, which is essentially the 2nd chapter to that saga. or perhaps it's a prequel for all those who have spent sleepless nights wondering how the hell those children get into the grabber machines.

now just in case the video is not enough instruction for you, here is becca's never fail step by step guide to getting trapped in a grabber machine:

  1. make sure you are at least a relatively small child
  2. make sure that you are completely unattended
  3. pretend to play with grabber machine for a minute
  4. when coast is clear, put your head in the door of the grabber machine
  5. by some sort of child magic, squeeze yourself into the actual toy deposit area
  6. when your mother finally comes to retrieve you (1/2 hour after she realizes you are gone), mock her and then scurry up into the toy area (aka the promise land)
  7. sit atop your throne of stuffed animals until someone rips you out by your feet
  8. emerge from the grabber machine like a baby lamb being violently pulled from a sheep's birth canal.
  9. take one of the stuffed animals as reward for your efforts
  10. walk out of store like nothing has happened
  11. repeat steps 1 through 10 as necessary


Sara said...

what an amazing find!! i've always wondered and now the secret is mine. thanks for the handy guide too. also, i love how proudly that girl lay on her mountain of booty once she climbed all the way in. and i love how the sibling was like 'uh, mom, she's in there' and the mom was like 'stop telling stories!'

Anonymous said...