Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday gift buying guide part 1

I'm sure that many of you are just like me..unemployed, bored, living in a basement apartment in astoria, and short on funds but tall on the giving spirit! so in honor of the 21 days of christmas i give to you - becca's 21 christmas gift for $1 and under.

1. An E-card - nothing says you care like an E-card

2. A broken computer that you found in the trash - this was once a very expensive item

3. Go through your gift recipients are bound to find some of those free address labels that you get this time of year from organizations who hope you'll donate money to them. give those address labels to them as a gift from you. BONUS: it's personalized!

4. One of those weird dvds from the $1 rack at wal-mart

5. A 99cent bag of doritos (or 4 25cent bags)

6. A single song from itunes

7. A facebook gift -once it is give n it shows up on the person's facebook profile and everyone gets to see how generous you are.

8. Homemade coupons to play your nintendo Wii/use your computer/hang out with your dog/watch your tv etc.

9. A gift bag (from the dollar store) with nothing in it – say that it contains the tiniest gift in the world.

10. The dice from one of your board games – your monopoly game is just gathering dust anyway.

11. Call a radio station and give a shoutout to your loved one and then dedicate a song to them - fyi - make sure that the radio is on and tuned to the radio station of choice

12. Give them a list of all your favorite youtube videos and the links to them – hours of viewing enjoyment

13. That toothbrush you bought a couple years ago, but never used....except to brush your dogs teeth that one time.

14. Your broken hair straightening iron – (bonus if you still have the original box it came in) they won't realize it's broken until you are long gone.

15. Your favorite stuffed animal from childhood – cry when you give it to them and they'll probably give it back.

16. A key to your apartment or your car - it looks like you mean business, yet costs next to nothing

17. your library card – millions of books right at their fingertips - but tell them if they rack up any fines it's their problem

18. this

19. this

20. A metro card with $1.00 on it – it's ½ way to an entire subway ride of wonder!

21. A pigeon - it sounds better if you call it a gray dove


natalie said...

That's actually really funny!

Becca said...

thanks. i have decided that since you enjoy reading - you will be receiving one of my library card for can choose from manhattan/bronx/staten island/,queens,brooklyn, or abington, pa.

is it me or am i your most generous friend ever?

Sara said...

you're a genius b