Friday, December 07, 2007

FRC: ANTM - the four "beauties"

The lasses return to their suite and are greeted by Heathermail! Bianca cannot believe the same girl she bullied like a first grade crush wrote it. LOVERS. but then she says that heather's absence didn't make a difference because of her antisocial tendencies. or maybe, biyanka, it made all the difference in the world. they are en route to beijing and jenah makes the mistake of saying to a bus full of bitches that are her competition that she can't even picture going home, she can't envision it -- she came here to win. see ya in the bottom two toofy!

the girls are taken to miss j and twiggy where they learn the Tale of Four Beauties (what is this, Legends of the Hidden Temple?[watch that whole video. it's hilarious.]) they each get a Beauty dress and have an hour and $200 to shop at the mall and modernize the outfit. bianca tricks Idiot Jenah into thinking that there's "a lot of good stuff" "across the street". Idiot.

twiggy says all her lines to the girls like she's hosting a telethon. stupid ann shoket is back and there's this weird insert take of her saying something stupid. saleisha is so smug and it's really starting to annoy me. jenah shows a little bit of life here by winning the challenge. she shares her prize of custom made couture dresses with chantal (this girl has gotten a lot of prizes for someone who doesn't win challenges) and b is totally salty about it. in addition, jenah wins one on one time runway tips with miss j.

back at the hotel, it seems like saleisha doesn't have problems sharing a bed anymore. jenahs says she's homesick and just wants to get this over with so she can go home. kiss of death, right? strike three? wrong!

the girls go to the great wall for their photo shoot. hehe, jay is wearing tight pants and said "erect". tyra is the photographer. enough with the ni haos! sheesh! chantal gets raves all around. jenah showed her nerves. good ol biyanka took a while to get into it but delivered some good shots. tyra jizzes all over herself about saleisha. jay says its her best shoot to date. at the end, they must do a group shot and must stand out.

ann nose-ket is the guest judge at panel this week. tyra is such a bitch. she says something to jenah that she knows will make her cry, and when jenah does start crying, tyra goes "tell me what's going on?" in her best sincere voice. ugh. chantal's pic is awesome, saleisha's is cool, if you disregard the fact that she's shaped like a swastika. oh my god, heather is still covergrirl of the week! ha!

the judges decide chantal sticks out the most in the group photo and she gets called first. she's also the only girl that gets the group shot for her portfolio. saleisha's called second. no surpries so far. bianca has come so far, but has so far to go. jenah has basically thrown in the towel. and- serious shocker for real (like, really?) -- jenah is safe and bianca goes home. whaaa?!?!

so, guys, i don't know. the top three isn't doing it for me this year. like, i understand why they've all made it up there...but saleisha rapidly loses points with me each week (i do think she might win), i've never been big on chantal, though i'm liking her a little better recently, and jenah is just like...i mean she takes beautiful pictures and a little makeup and a brush does wonders for her, but she's got kind of a stanky personality, and she doesn't want to be there. what the ef?

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