Tuesday, December 18, 2007

FRC: PR - farewell jack

alright i have a trip to pack for, and when it comes to packing, i overstress...so basically i don't have time to rewatch project runway in order to give you a proper recap. so, let's just use this as a "discussion space"

- first of all, i am so far behind on my fafa team that i'm not even gonna try anymore. if a team member of mine is off the show, i'll replace them, but that's about it. i'm really not good at this one.

- number 2. a couple episodes ago, when they brought up jack's hiv--but for literally two seconds as he said something like 'i've had hiv for a thousand years and i feel the best i've ever felt right now'--i had a feeling that we'd be hearing about it again. ESPECIALLY in conjunction with those season preview clips of him crying next to tim gunn addressing the designers. it was just too big of an issue for them to throw out in one line and not elaborate on at all. i was going to bring that up in that episode's recap, but i didn't want to be insensitive. so here we are, two episodes later and jack has something going on with his lip. it escalates quickly enough that he pulls tim aside during the challenge and expresses his concerns. sad train was that jack opted to leave the show to take care of his health (:( !) but the unexpectedly pleasant news here was that chris got to come back. i was actually really happy about this...i felt ricky should've been booted last week so i'm glad he got a second chance.

- unfortunately for chris, he got thrown right in the middle of a challenge and had to scramble to present something. this got him in the bottom three, but we all knew that none of those judges were cold hearted enough to immediately cast him back out.

- the challenge: women who recently lost astounding amounts of weight brought in their old favorite outfits. the designers had to use the old outfits (plus some new materials if they needed) to make completely new outfits flattering the new bods. Kevin, Christian, and Jillian were top three with Christian winning immunity. My whole viewing party thought Kevin should've won that, but we aren't pros or anthing. Elisa, Chris, and Steven were in the bottom three, but Steven was the one who inexplicably turned a great opportunity (old wedding dress) into a nun/schoolmarm's outfit... it was weird and bad and for that the sweet squinty eyed oddball went home.

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