Sunday, December 09, 2007

FRC: PR - i call bullshit

nina garcia hangs with the designers and there are photos of outdated trends that each designer must choose. after every trend is assigned, they are broken into groups of three. the groups are as follows: Team Christian (zoot suit) has Jack (pleather) and Kit (fringe), Team Chris (shoulder pads) consists of Sweet P (baggy sweater) and Steven (dance wear), Team Ricky (neon) is Victorya (underwears as outerwears) and Elisa (cut outs) and Team Jillian (overalls) has kevin (70's flair) and Rami (poodle skirt). for their challenge they must make three looks incorporating their three's up to them whether they want to make one of each or if they want all three of their items to incorporate all three trends.

bossy victorya says she doesn't want to be the bossy cow, but that's a goal she doesn't achieve. she does not play well with others. she has words with ricky, her captain that she does not treat as such. jillian is similarly dissapointed in kevin, but he pulls through in the final moments. this week's gues judge is donna karan and wooff! has she always been a fuggo? jillian's team has some interesting stuff (i liked rami's slightly milkmaidish poodle dress), chris's team was meh, christian's team had some good items, and team ricky was byfar the worst. jillian's team is immediately named the winning team and all three are safe next week. christian's team is also in. chris's collection lacks cohesion, ricky's looks poorly both situations, the captain's design was the worst of the three.

sweet p, elisa, steve, and victorya are all in. it's down to ricky and chris. ricky has been subpar (for a few weeks now) and was a poor leader, chris failed as a leader and his look was outdated. even though this was chris' first real misstep though, the judges must be hypnotized by ricky's hats because ricky is safe. shocker! and said. i would've loved to see more stuff from chris and not ricky since ricky always makes the same thing. boo.


littlejeans said...

Yeo, I too as very disappointed that they let Chris go. I would much rather have Chris around (funny) than Ricky (crying). He cries in EVERY episode. Get it together, man!

christine said...

in fact a friend and i have decided that we are going to (while in separate states, mind you) have this drinking game:
every time ricky is 1. crying or 2. wearing a stupid disco police hat, drink.
you would be drizzunk by his second screen shot because he is Always Both.