Sunday, December 16, 2007

FRC: ANTM - another top model. yay.

before this episode aired, i downsized my fantasy team to only include saleisha. i didn't want to risk the 15 point loss if my second team member was kicked out second. so basically, i was confident that saleisha would win, because she has confidence. tzone confidence. i also thought that jenah was being pushed to win, so she'd get to the top 2 on the strength of her pictures alone. good thing i didn't bet on that one. spoiler alert.

the top 3 do a commercial and photo shoot for covergirl flavored lipgloss. jaslene comes out and y'all, she really needs to eat a sandwich. fo' real. chantal requires minimal direction and aces her commercial. both jenah and saleisha blow multiple takes -- jenah was able to clean up her act after being threatened with cue cards, saleisha needed to take a moment to cry and required like 20 takes. at this point, i fear for my fantasy team.

panel #1 - most potential/least potential thing. they all say themselves as most of course. saleisha and chantal both say jenah for least, chantal going so far as to say she wouldn't want her little sister looking up to jenah. ouch. jenah says chantal has the least potential because she is the most amateur. the judges think saleisha did alright, but shot her down with some comments from jay. chantal got cheered for her sincerity and photo. tyra felt jenah was making fun of the commercial in her take. ruh roh. jenah goes on a rant about being misunderstood. tyra prods in her way, getting to the bottom of it. she pokes, jenah deflects, she pokes, there's a crack, one more poke and jenah's down for the count. has jenah saved herself here or is this breakdown a little too late? her photo gets rave reviews as usual.

chantal is the first finalist through. i'm seriously concerned for my team here, especially after jenah's breakthrough. jenah takes stunning photos, saleisha went to tyra's tzone camp. saleisha is sobbing! oh hell they all are. saleisha's ass gets saved and she's our second finalist.

god every time ann shoket is on screen, i hate her more. the runway show this time is weird...they seem to have given up attempting to find an audience for these things. the only audience is the judges, but it's still like this huge production. jaslene says how she had to go to the bathroom to cry before her final runway showdown. and by cry, she means throw up. saleisha walks the hell out of this...there's really no contest between the two when it comes to walking. chantal trips a man on stilts with her dress and it's hilarious. and then they keep replaying it. awesome.

final panel. we hear the prizes for the last time this calendar year. miss j's fro is huge. twiggy is secretly clawing at the table, knowing she'll soon be free forever. they go through the side by side photo shoot reminiscing, but they only go through like three. i love chantal's dress. saleisha is pretty much declared runway winner. tyra admits that she didn't think either would make it far but now she sees they both want it. then she talks about how she's gonna crush the girl who loses and you can practically see her drooling for it. there's suspense and there's the plasma screen. i was wrong about the prize thing, we hear them again. the photo is revealed and it's Saleisha! too bad she pissed me off towards the end, i might've cared more. but i got the most points i could've out of this episode and placed 198th overall. i'm a winner too.


dizzle said...

Dude I placed 21st overall. But still. You have a trophy. I am jeeeeeealous.

Sara said...

and to think...i would've been right there with you if i'd just kept my original team. *shines trophy*