Sunday, December 16, 2007

FRC: Crowned

yo, i just watched that new cw show crowned and it was all sorts of wack. it was like an hour long trek into awkwardville with stops at I Feel Sorry For You Lane and This is So Painful Junction. and once i'd reached the end, when it was just so unbearable, it took an amazing turn into the land of wonderful. they were down to two mother daughter pairs known as the Reigning A's and the Blonde Bombshells, and Shanna Moakler (the tyra of the show) says to them that it's now time for one of the teams to be de-sashed. she then very seriously says "Blonde Bombshells, will you please get the de-sashing scissors." The Blondies are all sad, but go and get the scissors. Then Shanna, that bitch, goes, "now please cut the sashes off the Reigning A's." !!! OH SNAP!!

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