Monday, December 03, 2007

FRC: PR - egads, it's menswear!

this week's challenge involves tiki barber (ex football player, current today show something), as identified by the only straight male, kevin. they must design a three piece menswear outfit for tiki to wear on the today show. there's a little bit of a controversy with jack using his shorts as a pattern and sharing with others, but i say, anything that gets jack to take off his bottoms is fine with me. everyone's way excited for the hot male models, but not excited about the difficulty of the project nor with their respective executions. many are not ready for their models and ricky even puts his to work sewing buttons. i think carmen, sweet p, and ricky might be in trouble here.

kit, jack, and kevin are top 3, and as suspected, carmen, sweet p and ricky are the bottom. nina garcia looks like she's gonna vomit everywhere when considering the bottom 3 designs. jack wins immunity and it comes down to carmen and ricky. unfortunately for my project runway points, carmen gets auf'd.


dizzle said...

Dude. Pics of Jack. Nekkid.

Sara said...

i've already seen them and had to use a shovel to pick myself up off the ground. :D

christine said...

let's talk about sweet p's neck!!! every time i think of the neck on her outfit i literally die laughing. that huge neck!! literally!!

** i don't ACTUALLY die, literally.