Sunday, June 29, 2008

she wasn't even hot

i've never been a big fan of public nudity and/or near nudity. throughout intermediate school and high school, i opted to take my p.e. classes during summer school so i wouldn't have to change clothes and shower in front of others -- i could just go home and do all that. i've never owned a bikini. and that time i got hives a few months ago was a difficult few days for me since wearing clothes wasn't an option and i had to get used to myself running around nekkid like a savage. if someone else is comfortable with being naked, you know, that's fine...whatever. but i think -- and i'm talking about in gym/locker room situations here -- that if you're gonna be naked in public around a bunch of strangers, you should pretty much do your business and be done, right? like, okay, you don't have a problem completely changing in the women's locker room..fine, that's fine, everyone is different. but please, PLEASE just be naked long enough to change your clothes or take your shower, lady from today. after boxing class, i headed to the locker room to retrieve my belongings. standing right next to the locker i was using was a lady completely naked. she was wearing nothing, not even shame, and she was motherfucking sending a text message. CAN YOU AT LEAST PUT A TOWEL ON TO DO THAT. she walked behind me so i thought she was heading to the showers, but OH NO, she was just moving closer to her purse, so she could rifle through it and pull out bandaids or something. NAKED. ugh.

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