Thursday, June 19, 2008

SRC: SYTYCD - so i think i know what's good

i think i usually have a pretty good idea of what is generally good or not. Even if it's something I personally may not like, i will still acknowledge that someone out there might find it decent. for example- jessica alba. don't even get me started on that one. even though I don't agree that she's one of the most gorgeous girls out there, i recognize that she's a good-looking lady that dudes want to bang. even though many of these dudes might think she's a good actress based solely on the fact that they want to bang her, i know for a fact that she's not a good actress.

so with that in mind, even if i don't have an extensive dance background (some jazz, ballet, and tap that all little girls go through, plus some bangin' homecoming floor shows i participated in as well as a thrilling Dance for Theater class taught by a Suze Orman lookalike), i figured i can tell when a performance on So You Think You Can Dance is good or bad. i apparently am very wrong about that. Practically every time i see a performance and materialize thoughts about it, the judges completely disagree with me. every once in a while one of the judges will be on the same page as I am, but they still are against what the other two judges say. an example: one of the routines last night produced the following thoughts in my brain: "that was kind of sloppy" "i think she's doing better than he is doing" "she really looks the part more than he does" "that routine seemed kind of simple". Judges: "What GREAT choreography!" "That was really great you two!!" "he is just an amazing dancer that can do anything!" "He did it much better than she did". i've come to expect harsh words from the judges if i liked a routine, and much praise if i didn't.

secondly, is nigel a homophobe? he is so obsessed with how manly a dude should look while dancing and really gets kind of mean when a guy performs and is lacking in manliness. is he just haunted by memories of being tormented by his peers because he, as a manly youth, was a dancer?

and finally, i really like how SYTYCD differs from idol when it comes to the judges... there aren't obvious roles that each are filling (one nice, one mean, one unnecessary [or wild card, whatever you want to call randy]), each judge on SYTYCD has a separate opinion, many times the opinions differ from one another, and aside from mary's screaming and hot tamale train, they don't employ repetitive use of signature catchphrases or tired metaphors. i think that's grand.

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