Monday, June 02, 2008

Score one for the NYPD!

i don't often experience joy at someone else's pain or downfall, but in this instance, i'm just too giddy to help myself:

Tatum O'Neal busted for crack

i feel completely guilt-free in jumping for joy at this news and i have good reason. i may have alluded to this (or even gone into detail) previously, but just to reiterate-- many of you know that tatum o'neal is my number one enemy. if anyone ever asks me about bad celebrities i've worked with, she is always my first and most emphatic answer. and this wasn't just a one-day thing, i was on a film with this bitch for a good couple of months. not only is she an absolutely terrible actress, she is really a class D human being too. She made my friend, the propmaster, cry when she was just trying to do her job (all over a prop purse), she has huge hideous opium poppy tattoos on both of her arms (i know this isn't a personality trait, but it shows she makes bad decisions), she didn't treat most of the crew very well, except the cute boy 25 years her junior that she kept making eyes at. she once held us back almost a full day of shooting (and pretty much demanded that we change location or she'd call her lawyer) because the hotel room we were using as a set was making her cough. also, this 'please let me go, this was my first relapse' bullshit that she said to the cop that caught her hands-full of baggies of crack and cocaine, is such JUNKIE TALK! oh this is her first relapse, but she just happened to know she could pick up a couple baggies of what she needed from the homeless man three blocks over. and, we're pretty sure she was meeting regularly with her dealer on the film. there would be many instances where she was acting like a raging bitch, would go off and meet with some guy and come back a little while later happy as a clam.

my point is, i'm elated at this news. i'm sorry that she's suffering from addiction, i do wish her luck in getting through that, because i'm fairly positive that a lot of her rank behavior and attitude has to do with her drug problems, but seriously. get her off my tv screen and off the streets. she was buying crack from a homeless man! and she said it was research for a part! what an idiot. that is all.

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