Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bandanna Club

i spend a lot of time looking things up on google. whether it be the "little miss singing mermaid" commercial of my youth (which i never found), or how to open up my playstation and clean it so rock band will just fucking work already (it did...for a week). most recently, i googled "how to tie a bandanna" (for reasons you might find out about later). I've always had an idea of how to tie a bandanna so it completely covers the top of one's head, but i always ended up with way too much fabric, resulting in batman ears. so i thought i'd give google a shot. right away i found a website (for the bandanna club, naturally [i almost used "natch" there to be funny, but i couldn't bring myself to do it]) with a helpful step by step guide and even accompanying pictures. the best part of this step by step guide, this guide that you find either by googling something about bandannas like i did, or by entering through the bandanna club website (and now by clicking on that link i provided up there), is that the first thing you read in step 1 is "First, you need a bandanna". WHAT?!?! I didn't think i'd need a BANDANNA to tie a BANDANNA around my head!!! Thanks bandanna club!

the word bandanna doesn't look real to me anymore.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog, made me laugh.

Yeah I guess it is a bit obvious, after all it is quite difficult to tie a bandanna without first making sure that you actually have one!

Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote the instructions, (yep I'm the author). I think I was trying to distinguish between using an actual bandanna and something else that might not be suitable (ie either too small, too large, wrong shape such as a rectangle etc) as in the same sentence I specify the size we found was best and the correct shape.

I Suppose I ought to rewrite it to something slightly less inane, (such as: firstly make sure your bandanna is an appropriate size etc...), because it's kind of like writing a Photoshop tutorial and saying 'First you will need Photoshop ...'. But then again I might leave it as is, it may give someone else a laugh.

Su - Bandanna Club

Sara said...

oh man, now i feel like an ass!! :\ i'm glad you're such a great sport. and that guide was definitely helpful!

Becca said...

awe. what nice guy!!!

i think sara should become an honorary member of the bandana club.

Sara said...

i have four bandannas!

Phil said...

Why not start your own group? That's what we did.

Get a few pals together and have a go at some of the ectivities on our Events page...or do your own.

Keep the faith!