Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Round of Questions!

It's time for some more random questions! My favorite! Even though i never get answers :(

Number 1: On my way back from a physical therapy appointment yesterday, I ran into some train problems. One train was traveling west at 45 mph...oh wait, wrong question. actually, i was waiting on the platform for quite some time (considering it was the middle of the day) for an E train. When it finally came, the load of people waiting to get on had increased significantly. We all shuffled onto the train and sat in the station with the doors open for about 10 more minutes. Then the conductor came on and told us that there was a sick passenger on the train (they ruin everything) that needed medical attention, so the train was now out of service and could we all kindly get our asses off the train. so we grumbled our way off the train, and now the platform is hoppin'! The train closes its doors once everyone is off, and sits in the station for another 5 minutes. Then, the doors reopen and the conductor comes on again saying that the train is back in service. here is my question: do you think they just tossed the sick passenger out the back of the train, but kicked us all off so we wouldn't be witnesses? because that's what i think.

Number 2: What are the chances that Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance, is just Blake Lively (aka Serena Van der Woodsen) putting on a British accent? I think the chances are highly likely.

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