Wednesday, June 04, 2008

go kensington!

my little quiet unassuming neighbeehood is gonna be in the movies! the taking of pelham 123 has been shooting a little here a little there three blocks from where i live. things you can look forward to seeing in this movie that will bring you closer to me are as follows:

- my subway station (which they kind of took over part of yesterday, but i ain't mad at them)

- my post office (doubling as the federal reserve)

- my future fling, Denzel Washington

- james gandolfini (because my dad loves the sopranos)

some other things that you will see in this movie that won't bring you closer to me

- John Travolta

i kind of wish there was a secret hand signal i could've flashed to the crew so they would know i was one of their kind, but it's been so long since i've worked on a movie, that the hand signal i know of is probably way outdated. also, as i told a friend of mine, there were a lot of coppers hanging around, and you don't want to flash ambiguous hand signals around a bunch of popo.

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