Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quite the Monday

the following is an approximate schedule of my morning last Monday, June 9. I was in the middle of a crazy week preparing for a show that needed more time than we could give it (though, i mean, not to brag or anything, but we totally pulled it off...Katie Hartman, Leah Rudick, Laura Von Holt, and Adrienne Dawes-Martinez are real rock stars.) so between the heat wave, the tired, the shoot i was working on in my day job, the painful physical therapy i had recently started for my bum leg, and the general stimulus overload that was a result of a M.I.A. concert I had attended the friday before, I was in quite a state. This state made this particular morning very puzzling to me.

7:40 - wake up
8:40 - leave for subway
8:47 - descend stairs and head to turnstiles, where i am greeted by an angry mob (lacking torches, thankfully) grumbling and yelling at the ticketbooth. One lady in particular is quite angry, shouting "there was no notice! there was no notice!" and "I NEED to get to work!!!". For those of you not from New York, this is not a good sign.
8:48 - i turn to check out the ticketbooth and the man inside is writing on the dry erase board "No F train service to Manhattan". This was a problem because the F train is the only train available to me, and the only option they were providing was silly. What they were suggesting we do was take the F to Coney Island, switch to an R and take that in to Manhattan. That would be a perfect plan if it didn't take you 30 minutes in the opposite direction. If i were merely heading to work, I wouldn't have been stressing out, but I was heading to physical therapy, and was worried i'd be charged if i missed the appointment.
8:49 - i think fast and head to the B67 bus, which will take me close to an R train that's in the direction i want to go. Many others have this plan, and the buses are uncomfortably packed with people in shitty moods.
9:20 - i arrive at my stop, hop off, and book it 3 avenues to the R train. On the way, i call my physical therapist's office and tell them i will be late.
10:05 - i arrive at the physical therapist.
10:20 - I find out the sweet old lady on the table next to me is a nun who is way into horse racing. I listen to her discuss the previous weekend's sad belmont stakes to try and distract me from the excruciating pain my PT is inflicting on me. She overhears my PT mention my doctor's name to me, and after he leaves, starts to bond with me over having the same doctor. She asks me my name so she can tell the doc we met. After i tell her, she responds with a sigh and 'Clara and Sara'. I ask if her name is Clara. It is.
11:05 - i head to the train so i can go into work. i pass under a tree and feel a huge warm droplet land on my head, sunglasses, and hand. my first instinct is that a bird just shit on me. when i saw that everything was clear and had no apparent odor, i assumed it was the last water droplet left after the storm the night before. this wasn't the first thought that occurred to me because at that point, it was about 200 degrees outside, and i didn't think any water had survived anywhere.
11:20 - on my way to my office building, a man suddenly approaches a woman walking next to me, stops directly in front of her so that she can't proceed, and says "what do you think you're doing?" she didn't attack him, so maybe they knew each other? still pretty random.
11:24 - i pass a colony of pigeons feeding on what seems to be lots of uncooked rice thrown all over the street. i get sad as i picture the pigeon explosions that will occur later.
11:27 - i enter my office building. a man approaches a woman next to me and says "just straggling in, eh?", the woman, without missing a beat or losing her step, very boldly (for someone showing up at 11:27 that didn't just come from a doc appointment) says "yep!"
11:28 - i see a news story in the elevator about 6 divers that had gotten stranded on some island or something, and their first task upon coming ashore was to FIGHT OFF A KOMODO DRAGON


Ricky said...

damn, i'm exhausted.

p.s. think how shitty your day would have been if you had to fight off komodo dragons before getting on the bus.

man, aren't komodo dragons gross?

Sara said...

yes. yes they are.

Sara said...

thanks for putting things in perspective