Thursday, March 12, 2009

WRC: ANTM12 - pretty isn't model

Prevously: Isabella didn't perform and was sent home. and by "didn't perform" i mean "didn't have a seizure on cue during the strobe light fashion show."

ugh, the giant (pink plaid) SUV limo is back, clogging the streets of New York. there is some secret agent bullshit that i can't even get into, but basically its introducing the makeovers. for the most part, everyone is a vast improvement. celia is the cry face this season. i guess she looks better. natalie (who?) flips out when her hair is approached by scissors, and she says she can't do it. i don't know why these girls come on this show thinking they can get away with this shit. oh, because apparently they can. jay tells natalie that when she came in, tyra thought she was model from head to toe (don't see it) and therefore is not getting touched for the makeover. tahlia looks ridiculous. more ridiculous. fo gets all cry face because her hair was cut short and in her mind short hair = butch = ugly and she feels everyone else looks more beautiful than she.

the girls meet sutan and the covergirl rep for their biannual walmart challenge. but since us new yorkers survive without any walmarts, they had to recreate a walmart covergirl aisle for this challenge. they are broken into teams and have to find someone on the street who something about covergirl exact eyelights. team 1 (celia, sandra, and aminat) wins the challenge, even though sandra was a dud of a team member, and gets to participate in a walmart photoshoot.

everyone hops in the limo and heads to greenpoint for the photo shoot. the girls must light themselves while nigel shoots them. the pictures are taken in groups of four, with the central girl (the one holding the lights) being rotated.

lulliez!! there's a shot of jay giving aminat directions, and in the background, a production person is watching the exchange and not where she steps and totally trips. awesome. rewind.

a few girls stumble through the shoot. fo blames her hair. teyona, natalia, celia, and london all seem to do well.

there's another short film fairy tale and rhyme by tyra before we head to panel. this year's miss j gimmick is that his bow tie will get bigger each week until, one assumes, it's a comically large clown prop. guest judge this week is ex-judge nole marin. what's he got on tyra i wonder?

kortnie, sandra, jessica (woof! that picture!), nijah, and aminat all get negative comments. london's makeover is working for me, i think. celia also looks much better. they did give the two of them similar looks though. man, nole has missed this job. he is super catty. was he always this sassy? is he trying to get his job back? tyra hates the execution of teyona's makeover and will get it redone.

12 "beautiful" women, 11 mediocre photos. teyona is called first, followed by celia and allison. everyone else follows until we're left with fo, jessica, and aminat. 2/3 of my team! argh! aminat is safe, and it's between the blaxican and the boricua.

fo didn't properly deal with her makeover. jessica might just be a pretty girl. fo gets another chance and jessica gets sent back to be the prettiest of her crew.