Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day '09sies!!

In what seems to be turning into a annual irishy tradition (aka i'm making it one), I will link my pinching tale/survey in case any new people want to weigh in:

Pinch me, it can't be true!

so go ahead and read that and then come back, because i've got more.


ok. so now that you know about my fear of getting pinched, and my need to wear green on this most drunken of holidays, let me continue. usually i'll just wear something green to get in the spirit, but as i was looking through my (3) options, i was reminded of a fairly new addition to my tshirt army: a green shirt with that carebear with the clover on his belly on it and the word "Lucky" under him. i guess his name is lucky bear. so i immediately reached for that and then immediately recoiled. would that be going too far? getting too into the spirit? after all, i did just start a new job yesterday and there are only five other people in the office i'm working in. is that the kind of impression i wanted to make? i looked at the other two green shirts i have but then just decided "eff it and go all the way." so yeah, i nerded it up this year with a green tshirt with a clover on it. i was self conscious about it, but i did it anyway. when i walked into the office, only one other person was wearing green, and it was a rather classy green dress that faded into white. as a matter of fact, in the union square area (where the office is) i barely saw any green that didn't just happen to be the color of the article of clothing. i mean, i'm sure it was worn for the occasion, but it was more like clothes that were green instead of st. patrick's day clothes. i shrugged it off because honestly, it didn't matter. i wasn't getting pinched and i didn't look like a fool. then, i was sent on a run to the viacom building...which we all know is in times square.

if manhattan were gosford park, then the union square area (just in this example) would be the upstairs, while times square would be like, the less classier servants quarters. i walked out of the subway and it was definitely st. patrick's day there. there were giant green hats and clover glasses/scarves/ties/etc everywhere. people were not just wearing green, but they were wearing the green st. patrick's version of the i <3 ny shirt (i clover ny), jackets that proudly proclaimed "IRISH" and there was even a guy with a green bowler hat and a box of lucky charms around his neck. it immediately made me feel better about the degree in which i participated in the holiday as well as how much better working further downtown is.

did anyone else have any fun/crazy st. patty's day experiences?

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