Tuesday, March 17, 2009

here's a good idea

i had just gotten home from the gym, still listening to my wee shuffle, when Orgy's remake of Blue Monday came on. Like many things in my past that i have no explanation for, my love for the album Candyass still lingers a little (even though I really only could tell you with certainty two of the songs on it). i was still listening to the song as i sat down to check my google reader, and i remembered that there was something intriguing to my 16 year old self about the lead singer. so i did what any curious girl with a fuzzy memory would do -- google image search. but here's a good idea: probably don't just google image search the word 'orgy'.

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rejuvie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I remember getting launched into a horrible downward spiral at work once when we were watching youtube videos. My male coworker saw a video with breasts in the corner and begged me to click on it. It was a video of a breast implantation. So of course, where do you go from there, but the vaginal rejuvenation videos. It was scarring, for them and me.