Friday, March 20, 2009

WRC: ANTM12 - the pretty curse

previously: jessica thought she was the prettiest girl in all the land, so tyra sent her home. also, makeovers and sweet sweet nigel as photographer.

uh oh. nijah is talking about how she does have a personality and she's not boring or dead inside. i bet this is the week the girl with no personality goes home and i bet that girl is nijah.

natalie the perfect pro offers some runway advice before the girls get real runway lessons from miss jay. ugh. why does everything have to be a skit with these people. ok, y'all listen. tahlia is not that cute. she has an awkward walk and is in that dreaded in between model and plus zone with her size. what this means is that she is just your average girl with no reason to be here. the burns are not a reason to be there. the burns are just the way she got there. bianca (!) and chantal come out. let's hope for some sort of catfight! oh, all they do is show the girls how two models walk past each other, and then they peace. hum. pointless.

teyona gets her hair fixed. it looks better and she's a great sport about the whole thing. team teyona!!!

the girls go to their runway challenge -- a jill stuart fashion show. i guess i'm starting to get celia a little...i mean, the hair works. she's still.....mergh. some do well, some don't. the challenge comes down to natalie and celia and perfect natalie with a modeling past wins. free clothes! ugh, tahlia shut. up. she has said "i'm not myself" like 12 times in the past 5 minutes.

photo shot: famous areas around manhattan. like queens? jersey? staten island? i wish they did a shoot like that. they also must tell a story with their characters. mikey rosenthal is back to shoot them.

aminat and fo are wall street brokers. they look great and seem to do well.

down to soho with nijah and kortnie as artists. nijah falters but kortnie eventually helps her get into character.

celia and sandra are (upper east side i'm guessing) nannies.

london and allison are upper east side snobs. jenny humphrey and chuck bass. london doesn't look like chuck bass at the shoot, but she certainly will at panel. london excels and allison doesn't.

tahlia goes to times square to be a tourist with natalie and teyona. here's another reason to dislike tahlia-- she now hates natalie because, when given a truth or dare question about whose pic besides jessica was the worst last week, natalie told the damn truth and said tahlia. that's not bitchiness tahlia, that's honesty. surprisingly though, tahlia does well this week, even better than perfect natalie.

panel: tyra's short film project continues. knowning her she'll probably put them all together at the end of the season and submit it for a documentary short oscar. then she will lobby to have the oscars renamed the tyras. tyra does her intro and finishes it with this: "Hopefully, this judging is as festive as my colorful shirt!" she is like a child. kortnie and nijah both get bad marks, though nijah gets the worst of it. fo and aminat effin rocked it. that's my team! celia and sandra also get high marks even though they don't really come across as nannies. sandra gets the better comments. the times square group have a fun picture, with natalie called out as the weakest. london and allison could've done better, though london was superior to allison. tyra's reached a "deciszhum".

sandra is called first (!) followed by aminat, tahlia, fo, celia, kortnie, london, teyona, and natalie. this leaves nijah and allison. what did i say at the beginning? allison lacked something special in her photo, nijah has gone downhill from week 1. allison's eyes are too big for tyra to let go just yet, though, and down goes nijah...yet another victim of just another pretty girl syndrome.

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