Friday, March 06, 2009

WRC: ANTM12 - The Goddess Cycle pt. 2

Okay, I'm back from my break. Sorry, that was longer than I meant it.

The 13 girls meet Nigel and Paulina at the top of the Empire State building to give them house keys. They scream the whole way there. I'm sure the Upper East Side loved having these girls here. So, as usual, there's one less bed than there are girls. Sandra believes she has the right to the bed because she is better than everyone, even though Celia was given her choice of bed by the power of Paulina. Sandra refuses to accept, but eventually, sandra starts fanning herself and nervously asks celia if she minds sharing the bed. woooo!

oh! isabella, who i keep remembering as kerrington from so you think you can dance, is epileptic girl. Secondary Issue Girl. And can you imagine living in fear that the girl next to you is gonna seize at any moment? i've witnessed seizures and they are uncool.

sandra is willing to share but celia is not so we all ask WWLD and what London does is pretend she was going to sleep on the floor the whole time, so it's no big deal if sandra takes her bed. then she thanks Jesus. this will get old quick.

the girls are taken to a real runway show and are told they will be in it. but HOW WILL THEY LEARN?! Ugh, Sandra...Nenna did it better. tahlia is frustrated that her burns are covered in a pantsuit while the others are in skin exposing garments. what did she expect?? she chose the shallowest industry to try to be a burn victim role model in. ruh roh! strobe lights on the runway! didn't anybody mention the EPILEPTIC GIRL?!?!

the girls show up at central park for their first photo shoot -- reenacting favorite childhood games. for some unexplained reason, jay is in a futuristic laser tag biking outfit.

FO - ring around the rosie -- cute picture, but nothin' special.
LONDON - tug of war - good picture
i thought when they said games they meant like, Candyland.
TAHLIA - tag -- blah blah burn victim blah. tyra sets her straight.
mckey looks great. and her first covergirl spot is actually not bad.
NATALIE - leap frog -- tyra likes it, paulina isn't sure
SANDRA - hide and seek -- effed up the runway show, effed up the picture
KORTNIE - monkey bars -- um...does okay, i guess?
AMINAT - london bridge -- lacks vulnerability
NIJAH - musical chairs -- good face shot (eww...)
ALLISON - double dutch -- tyra loves it
TEYONA - hopscotch -- gets really good comments
CELIA - hula hoop -- i can't get on board
ISABELLA - dodgeball -- her photos show that she struggled with the shoot...i think the constant flashes might have been a concern...
JESSICA - jacks -- tyra thinks its a pretty picture, but not representative of jacks. i would like to have seen what tyra would've done with jacks.

so this whole shoot is about tyra thinking girls are growing up too fast and there were three extras in each photo representing a different kind of bad girl who grew up too fast. i didn't think i needed to mention it, but tyra went and made a short film about the loss of her youth instead of her normal photo in the style of the week's shoot.

i like how tyra is calling all girls 5'7 and under short. i would call short 5'3 and under, 5'4 - 5'7 is average, and you know tyra will probably only take the average girls for the 'short' cycle.

paulina is too tan. and her hair is crazy. the judges have decided. tyra does her speech. allison is called first and gets to have her digital photo up for the week. fo is next, followed by teyona and everyone else until we have Sandra and Isabella. so is it Bitchface McAfrica or Epilepty McShakypants? (sorry) Isabella is beautiful but froze on set. sandra stunk both the runway and her photo shoot up. so logically, isabella gets sent home. it's for the best -- isabella shouldn't be around all the camera flashes. also, didn't i say i didn't think she'd make it? i did. go check.

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