Thursday, September 18, 2008

SRC: ANTM - makeovers!!243#@

previously - nikeysha was sent to eat a sandwich, hannah (hilary? heather? the alaska one...) was accused of being racist and didn't do much to dispel that...

the girls freak out because tyra is waiting for them in their apartment wearing a tiara. there's pizza, there's a lecture, there are princess gift bags. this is all an elaborate intro to the girls' makeovers. miss j. comes out dressed as the witch from snow white. what the fuck is going on. tyra drools apple all over the place, does her required death scene of the cycle, and mr jay comes back with his beta jay wig and prince outfit and then kisses tyra. i repeat, what the fuck. this is all an elaborate scheme to get out of telling the girls what their makeovers are.

omygod i can't deal with tyra anymore guys. i really can't. she pops out of a mirror to tell us what the girls are getting. i seriously can't deal with her anymore. marjorie goes dark, joslyn gets long wavy hair, samantha gets her hair chopped off (requisite crier), hannah gets bangs and a bob, clark gets dark brown locks, lauren cheese gets blonder hair, sheena gets hoochie highlights, analeigh gets blond layers (and looks like mariah carey now), elina gets a short red wavy weave (cries!!), mckey gets short black hair and looks hawt, isis gets a long weave, brittany gets a wavy weave. (there must've been a sale on wavy weaves.)

with their fancy new looks, the girls get trucked to wal mart. fancy. blah blah covergirl walmart shade challenge nigel's wife blah. some girls are good, some girls suck, marjorie calls it walgreens...hannah wins (blech) and gets excited that she can google herself. that probably would've been true if she hadn't won, considering that she's on top model right now.

photo shoot: swimsuits. and because it's all about tyra, the guy that shot tyra's (groundbreaking) sports illustrated swimsuit cover is the photog. i think this guy might just be nigel with a wig on. some girls are good, some are not. i think there are a few girls that need to be nervous here, but mostly i'm nervous that isis is mistaking necklaces for hoop earrings.

hey guys, crazy stripper lisa is getting work! alright!

elina is called first this week, followed by samantha, mckey, sheena, joslyn, marjorie, clark, isis, and hannah. this leaves, analeigh and brittany. one is something, the other is sometihng else. analeigh gets another chance and brittany is sent packing. it's kind of too bad because she seemed like a cool person. with brittany and sharaun both gone, does that mean mckey can now go by brittany? i mean, if there were a brittany survivor, she would clearly be the winner, right?

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