Friday, September 26, 2008

FRC: ANTM - two bitch special

first things first - i just found out that the pick up artist is coming back october 12. meeeexcellent.

Previously: Brittany was pretty, but not "ugly pretty" or "stinky pretty" or "fat pretty", so it wasn't good enough.

Hannah manages to offend two of her cracker allies. The girls go to a bowling alley to meet miss j. for some bowling alley high heel runway alley walking. extra slippery! we see in the background that antm couldn't rent out the whole bowling alley, and that there are still people actually bowling in the background. some do good, some don't, unfortunately no one falls. back at home, all the girls that hannah has offended graciously help her with her walk. (though considering what happens later, maybe it was actually "helping")

Runway challenge - they do a show in a bank for a guy named jeremy scott who looks suspiciously like jeffrey sebelia and has the same initials. mckey is actually wearing a curtain rod. the twist for this show is that they'll be blindfolded. SOMEONE HAS TO FALL, RIGHT?! the second twist is that the worst walker is getting the boot right after the photo shoot, no panel. a twofer?! alright!!

Argh! No one is falling!! I highly doubt they are truly blindfolded. these girls are too dumb to not fall if they are completely blindfolded. Joslyn wins the challenge, and after a giant pause before naming the eliminated girl (which made me think they were gonna back out from eliminating a second girl), hannah was put out of her misery like a wolf being chased by a helicopter. her ass was sent back to the alaskan wilderness, where they have no trannies or gay people, and keep baked potatoes in their pockets for warmth. she gets one last "i'm from alaska!" in and good fucking riddance. joslyn shares her prize with sheena and isis. it's a photo shoot for a child designer.

Photo shoot - at the house pool. nigel will be shooting the girls in the water from the eyes up. he asks them if they're ready to get wet. i join them in saying "wooo!" most girls do well, elina has a hard time.

Panel: tyra does this weird elementary school version of a recap of hannah's demise, as though she's learning that it was hannah that was sent home as she's reading it off the teleprompter. or this is actually tyrabot. bleep blorp.

tyra again brings it all back to her explaining where the idea for the shoot came from, and shows off some romantic personal vacation photos. the guest judge, jeffrey sebelia (or jeremy of them), scolds samantha and tyra jumps right in saying "this is a BUSINESS fffyorst!" Also, dudes, i think tyra hates paulina, which just makes me love paulina more.

the first name called is clark. she is followed by annaleigh, l.b., sheena, mckey, marjorie, joslyn, and elina. the two remaining are samantha and isis. oh no, i think isis' time is up. isis has faded, and samantha was really hated by J.S. II. samantha is safe, and isis has served her purpose.

next time: stuff happens! someone gets kicked off!

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