Thursday, September 11, 2008

SRC: ANTM - an experiment

so, i know i said i'd barely be posting and this is my second post today. and i know i said i probs wouldn't be recapping top model until two weeks from now, but i had an idea. my motha has her work laptop here and we've got it hooked up to some wireless internet. since i've never truly had the opportunity to liveblog top model because of my devotion to desktop computers, i thought i'd try it out. so let's do's not really "live" because a) i'm about 6 hours behind everyone and b) i dvr'd this three hours ago. but i'm still typing as i go, whereas usually i've seen the episode once before i rewatch to write about it. this should be fun right??

previously: tyra used $2 graphics to convey her futuristic theme. "the photoshoot took a fierce stand on getting out to vote (Banks, 2008)". Nikeysha has an attitude and is kind of clueless, but in the end, sharaun was insufferable and absolutely fake and gets sent home.

woah, what is this new ridic opening??? she just made a new one last cycle! get over yourself!! at least the girls look better than they usually do in the openings.

marjorie's picture was called first last week, and kicks off the new tradition of getting her photo displayed in the house for a week. tyra mail -- something about twisting yourself. oh god. oh god. please don't let this mean benny ninja. i can't take benny nin---NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

ugh, sheena. for some reason everyone loves this girl but i cannot stand her. the girls are going to pose in fabric tubes (?). benny and some australian contortionist show some examples before the girls take a stab at it.

more tyra mail. lauren monterey jack says that she thinks their challenge might have something to do with posing. gee, what makes her think that. clark is dared to kiss elina, who you may remember has a huge crush on clark. elina jizzes all over the jacuzzi. hannah (who?) is all close minded and thinks isis is icky. god, get over it, she's a person. hannah says something a little offensive about how she's a stereotypical white girl and therefore doesn't like "walking into a room going wooo" with her hands in the air. (or something) brittany lays down the law to dumb close minded hannah and it makes me loooove her.

analeigh, who seems like the nicest girl in the world, helps distract isis while isis gives herself her injection. how sweet. the challenge for the girls is to use some pink-haired designer's accessories and pose "fiercely". the winner gets a bag...? the girls have varying degrees of success. Elina wins the challenge. She makes out with her crush and she wins a challenge? This is her day!

The self-described ethnic girls get all worked up about hannah's comments. they call everyone together and point blank ask hannah if she's a racist. hannah is all "thanks for your critique, but i'm going to bed" and sweet sweet analeigh comforts her. all hannah is thinking is that these girls are trying to hurt her, instead of thinking about why they would've have gotten the idea of her being racist from her comment. hannah then compares it to "gang rape" and "gang violence", which isn't really going to help her case.

this week's photo shoot will take place on a hot air balloon, and the girls will be posing off of a ladder hanging over its side. lauren cheddar is up first. the hot air balloon shits the bed, so they have to put the ladder on a crane and it's like a thousand times easier this way. lauren swiss does well, and is followed by elina, who also nails it (it's her day!). analeigh has some problems, sheena takes it to burlesque, isis struggles a bit, nikeysha is kinda meh, brittany looks beautiful, but has a little trubby. joslyn is fierce. clark comes and goes, hannah is forgettable and please stop talking about how you are from a small town in alaska, samantha doesn't work her garment well, mckey is totally awks (hard to shadowbox on a ladder)...marjorie seems to do well.

panel: nikeysha gets called out for being too thin. i was thinking how she needs to eat a sandwich. sheena keeps getting called a ho. brittany reminds me of someone but i just can't place it. sheena gets asked if her boobs are fake and she says no. she then comes back down and tells them that she was lying and that she got her boobs done when she was younger. bold.

there's this weird promo for cycle 1's shannon, who has been signed to elite. oh great. go ahead and congratulate yourself for shannon's success, top model...i'm sure her being on your show 5 years ago is what got her recently signed to elite model management.

Lauren limberger is called first and gets her photo displayed for the next week. she's followed by elina, joslyn, marjorie, mckey, samantha, sheena, hannah, clark, brittany, and analeigh. it's down to isis and nikeysha, and come on. there is no way they are getting rid of isis this early. nikeysha's film is mediocre, and she has weird behavior. isis came into panel looking beat up. isis of course gets her photo. nikeysha is so sad. aww. EAT A BURGER.

next week: makeovers!!!

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