Sunday, September 21, 2008

Important Lessons

Every year, I like to round up the lessons i've learned in the days before my birthday (which is today for those of you who don't know...but i'm pretty sure all five of you do). when i say "every year", i mean i started last year. if my memory is correct, i didn't actually post last year's lessons, but rather included them in the email i sent around as a party invite. basically, the big lessons were don't leave your wallet in a cab and if a spatula is falling to the ground, let it drop (rather than catch it between your arm and the hot pan). this year, i learned a few more lessons, and i thought i'd share my wisdom here.

in addition to the goya can lesson, i learned:

- how to surf! i even stood up on the board. haroo!!!

- i have lost an entire cup size. i don't want to talk about it.

- boxing has somehow made me better at bowling. i got four strikes in one game! (that's good for me, for any of you expert bowlers out there). i think it's maybe because they both start with bo- and end with -ing.

- whence learning how to surf, try not to rip a chunk of your toenail off and puncture your heel on some coral reef. it actually is quite painful and makes walking difficult.
-- if you are going to puncture your heel on sharp reef, try to aim for a lovely U-shaped wound -- when you bleed into a bandaid, it makes a heart.

- bruised knees really make a lot of things in life difficult

- when a production of Oliver is bad, it's baaaaaaaad

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