Wednesday, June 13, 2007

kind of like the stay puft marshmallow man...

i just turned my tv on, and previews for the next episode of the maury povich show were playing. in this episode, maury will make his guests confront their phobias (remember the girl who had a fear of pickles and was chased around the studio screaming by a guy holding a platter of pickles).

So in these previews, they mentioned someone with a frog phobia as well as someone who fears cotton balls. Then they showed what they did to help the girl with the cotton phobia deal -- they covered a man HEAD to TOE in cotton balls (even his face was covered) and made her stand next to him. now that's just mean. they found a way to make cotton balls even scarier and then forced her to try and act normal about that?! oh maury!!


I decided to see if i could find a picture of a cotton ball man to show everyone, and then got the brilliant idea to check out youtube...and guys, it's worse than i thought. apparently, this woman has had nightmares of a cotton ball man coming at her and forcing cotton balls down her throat. THAT'S why they brought out the cotton ball man.

Click here for video!

(sorry, they won't let this video get embedded)


Becca said...

i never had a problem cotton balls before...but now i find them horrifying!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!! i just watched this episode and got online to see if anybody else saw this. Its crazy you guys saw this too. I think that lady with the cotton balls had real issues. She really needs a psychiatrist!!