Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The First Ever Ladies Room Spotlight

Following in the footsteps of Subway Spotlight I would like to start a little feature that will now be deemed – the Ladies Room Spotlight.

This will be a platform to commend the often overlooked stars of the women’s restroom.

Scene: Early on a Saturday night (around 11:00) at a Club/Bar.
I walk into the bathroom. There are 2 other girls in there. The girl in front of me alerts me to the fact that I could use the open stall, but at my own risk because it looks like it’s got a nasty clog. I look to see if I can do it, but get disgusted and decide to wait to use the functioning toilet. The other girl in the bathroom chimes in and says, “I have a feeling that toilet just needs a good flush”. So we think - should we try to flush it? The three of us go into the stall to see if it’ll flush. Success! It flushes and we now have a perfectly working toilet again! I say to the girl who made the flush suggestion,“That was such a smart idea, you must have a graduate degree” and she says “actually, I’m a doctor”.

The end.

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