Monday, June 04, 2007

subway spotlight - the nice edition

i know sara usually does the subway spotlights, but i want to get in on the action too!

yesterday on the N train from queens to manhattan there was a very good performer playing the guitar and wind instrument that was handmade of pipes and string (i am an asshole for not knowing what this instrument is called).

He was so good in fact that the crazy (potentially homeless) man eating what appeared to be smelly trash even gave him money!


ricky said...

that story was magical....thanks for the return of subway spotlight!

littlejeans said...

Um... guys!!

Nerdy McNerd said...

Hmm...pipes & string? Did it look like it belonged south of the border or east of the Urals?

Becca said...

ricky: this is incentive for us to start paying attention while riding public transportation again!

littlejeans: you rock!! we just might apply!

nerdy: ooh ooh....oh crap...maybe south of the border? like maybe south american or something? you can make fun of my lack of cultural/musical knowledge if you want.