Monday, June 25, 2007

SRC: Age of Love eps 1 & 2

When I learned that the tv gods would be replaying the premiere of this show, i figured they were giving me a second chance to witness possible genius. To any of those unfamiliar -- famous australian 30 year-old tennis player is the gent in a bachelor-style dating show. What he hasn't been told is that some of the crop will be women in their 40's. What the 40's haven't been told is that their competition will be women in their 20's.

before our man mark meets the 40's, we hear in an interview that not only is he expecting beautiful 20's girls, but also that his last girlfriend was 10 years younger than him. might this end up?

They bring the ladies out one by one to meet mark. the first tells him what year she was born and how old that makes her and his face drops. i also think he mouths the word 'fuck' when she turns her back. the second lady comes out and when her back is turned he has this look on his face that screams 'what the hell did i get myself into.' a couple more come out and his face drops each time they say their ages. mark looks like he's gonna be sick all over their saggy asses. after the fifth old lady comes out, mark interviews that 'once the fifth one came out, he realized they would all be older than him.' this guy is as smart as a whip. the 40's are actually looking great for their age, but a couple of them scream of desperation and it's a little sad. after mark gets over the initial shock, he seems like he could get into dating an older lady, and becomes a sport about it. he chooses three oldies for a date and...interestingly enough -- all brunettes! go team! their date involves rapelling down a building. i know that's what i would want for a first group date. especially if we were all planning a heist together.

the Helicopter of Evil 20 year olds arrives and let me tell you a thing or two about them. first off, a few of the 40's look much better than these bitches. i'm even confusing some of the 20's with older women. one of the 20's (24) is all 'when i walk down the street, guys think i'm hot' interesting, that wouldn't have been my first thought. there's another one that's all 'i hope i'm not still dating when i'm in my 40's! that would be sad!' and i think to tell her that she probably will be because she's totally hid.

So blah blah, stuff happens and the 40's still think they are alone. It comes time for elimination and Mark chooses four of the seven to take to elimination. 46 gets eliminated (i don't really know their names yet, so i will refer to them by ages). the last thing we get to see at the end of the first episode is the youngies revealed to mark in a cheesy tableau.

The next ep has mark dating the 20's unbeknownst to the 40's. And actually, the 20's are kind of dull. here is my initial breakdown: 27 - boring, 26 - probs the best of the bunch, 25 - aforementioned hid, 24 - i HATE this girl. she cried all episode. 23 - mark had a hard time not looking at her boobs. she looks real old. 21 - alright so far. mark confessionalizes that, whilst on a date with the 20's, he misses the 40's. yes!! after a couple more group dates, we get to elimination. the 40's are lined up and waiting when they are finally told that they have competition. the youngies are brought out and line up with the other women. mark has to eliminate one 40 and one 20. first he eliminates 27. good riddance. though i do wish 24 would have gone. then it comes down to one of two 40's (40 being their actual age...i think there's only two) and the 48. we all think it's gonna be the 48 because he got all freaked out when he found out she has a 25 year old son, but it's actually the 40 year old. interesting - he eliminated the youngest of the oldies and the oldest of the youngies. very interesting. the only thing i remember about eliminated40 is that she said something like 'with me you get the best of both worlds! the brains and experience of an older woman, and the looks of a younger woman' and yeah, she maybe looked like she could pass for 30's, but she was nothing special in the looks department. okaayyyyy?

so in short...or long rather... the 20's are made out to look like complete idiots, the 40's are made out to look like that mom that tries to be cool, and the host is made out to look about three feet shorter than mark. hopefully, some of you guys will catch on to this show and we can enjoy it together. if not, i will definitely make these recaps shorter.

congrats if you made it all the way through!


adizzy doo dah said...

TOTALLY watched this last night. Both sets of ladies are varying stages of complete desperation . . . but the 40s gals have class, careers, collagen enhancements. I am totally digging the 40s girls. 20s girls? Not so much. I loved the long sequences of silence with the 20s girls and the comment about the bimbo blonde having the same personality as her dog. That was golden.

The whole premise is golden. The fact we both gravitated towards this show? Also golden.

Becca said...

i watched the 2nd episode last night too! i also got totally annoyed with crybaby girl. i fell asleep before the end, so this came in a pretty valuable. also - is it me or are the 40 something women (particularly the 48 year old) abnormally youthful looking?

Becca said...

oh man. i had to comment again b/c i just remembered something funny from the show. when the guy asked 27 year old what she did she said caterer etc., but she hasn't really found what she really wants to do. ok that's fine. then he asks her what she'd like to do - and she says "well i really like food, like..i really like to eat, i just love food" it was so stupid it was brilliant.

i think that was the point of no return for her.

littlejeans said...

This one sounds like a winner! I need to check it out.

ricky said...

this recap had way too many numbers. math is hard, y'all.