Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laundry List of Crazy

I just wanted to make a complete list of the crazy things going on with Britney Spears--if for nothing else but to try and wrap my own mind around what's happening here. I'm pressed for time, so I won't be able to find all the sources, but i'll do what i can.

Ok, so first off - she checked into rehab last week and less than 24 hours later she had already checked out. She then proceeded to get lips tattooed on her wrist and something else tattooed somewhere else (here's the part where no time for research comes in). Ok, and then she went and shaved her head and everyone in the world freaked out because our little britney is having a full-on collapse. So THEN I read yesterday that she checked back in to rehab and read today that she's already checked out again. i'm not sure if she understands the concept of rehab and that you shouldn't be checking out if you want a drink. i also found out today that there is speculation that the reason she shaved her head is because Kevin Federline was threatening to have her drug tested (which includes the hair) in order to get custody of the kids. at first i was completely anti-federline in all of this, but now i'm starting to wonder if he's maybe the best option for these poor tykes.

ok so now we get to the real crazy. Earlier, i was pointed toward where i read that after britney shaved her head, she showed up at the mondrian hotel wearing an electric blue wig, no cash or credit cards with her, and was refused a room. the best part (and a beautiful mental image) was that she was seen later by the pool CRYING WHILE SHAVING HER LEGS. what a beautiful, fucked up tale of woe.


christine said...

i heard a rumor that crazy shaved her head on a dare that she could get the media to leave anna nicole a little bit alone. that being said, who knows.

and how come nobody told kfed that you don't promise crazy a baby? let alone two.

Sara said...

i hadn't heard that rumor, but that's pretty interesting.