Friday, February 02, 2007

the water main probaby isn't the only thing broken

so there was a water main break in west hempstead, long island. meh, interesting i guess...if you live in west hempstead. my awesome co-workers told me about this amazing footage of some dude walking along where the water main break was who falls in the water pretty bad - the best part is that it was caught on not one, but 2 local news channels, each from a different angle. some of the best unintentionally comedic material ever.

here's the angle that the local cbs station got:

here's the angle that the local nbc station got (they don't have a direct link to just the video - but this is the link to the entire story - the video is over to the right)

i do feel for the guy, but if you are gonna be on's such a good way to do it.

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