Friday, February 23, 2007

Winter Reality Corner

Welcome back to Winter Reality Corner! Hooray!! This season, I'm gonna attempt to do some American Idol stuff...but of course we all know that what really counts starts NEXT WEDNESDAY FEB. 28!!!!!!!! Here's a fair warning - the next season of America's Next Top model (or america's next top fug by the looks of it) starts wednesday at 8 and these posts are A LOT more fun if you know what's going on. ok, but back to right now. i was originally gonna put out my thoughts on each of the top 24, but i'm working too much right now to do that. and also, in a couple of weeks that number will be slashed in half, so let's not waste time on 12 people we'll forget about in a month. also, although tonight was the results show, i still haven't seen it. so i'll cover tuesday and wednesday here and whenever i get a chance to watch the results show, we'll see if i'm on my game this year. and finally, not to name drop or anything, but today i had a shoot with katharine mcphee (eep!) and to answer everyone's burning question -- yes, she does always have the magical dream sparkle with her. and i was doing linday's chicken impression (chaw chee chaw chee chaw chee) from arrested development really for no one but myself when i turn around mid-chicken impression to face katharine mcphee. awesome.

Top 6

Blake - fantiddlyastic. glad he stopped beatboxing long enough to show his vocals.
Chris Richardson - mmmmmm
Brandon Rogers - has a fair chance
--these last three slots could go to almost anyone, for now i'll say--
Chris Sligh - great voice, maybe not a chance looks-wise
Senjaya Malakar - cute! adorable! that smile!
Phil Stacey - this guy or aj. or paul if he puts his shoes on. damn hippy.

I think Rudy Cardenas is for sure out and Sundance might go as well this week.

Lekisha Jones- just amazingly amazing.
Melinda Dolittle- my personal fave. LOVE her!
Sabrina Sloan - you mean nosella noserton? she finally won me over.
Jordin Sparks - great voice. don't love her personality.
Stephanie Edwards- i think this might be fantasia barrino. also, she's great.
Gina Glockson - unless one of the other white girls steps it up.

*** Leslie Hunt is such a huge QM* i kind of want her to stick around to see just how wacky she can get.

*QM = question mark

This week I think there will be bad news for Amy Krebs and Alaina Alexander. Though Antonella did terribly and you know originally i thought her looks would carry her but that's what i thought about that stunningly gorgeous girl last year and she did not last long a'tall. on that note, really any of the six that aren't listed above i think could've gone tonight.

come back soon for the results!! (if you didn't already watch it)

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