Monday, September 11, 2006

Summer Reality Corner

Rock Star:
Supernova made an unfortunate move by booting Storm Large when they had their first opportunity to release that wood-nymph lukas back into the wild. Supernova, listen to me: his voice doesn't not match you. his personality does not match you. he's a huge asshole. he never forms words, he just kind of wails and moves his mouth around. when he sang the first line of livin on a prayer last week (johnny used to work on the dock) it came out as "onnneeoosawuhrkonnnadaaahhhhh" . anyway. bad move. storm was way talented. definitely capable enough to keep those boys in their place. and i think a much better contender than lukas. whatever. i'm not in supernova, so apparently what i think isn't important. ugh. final four are dilana, toby, magni, and lukas. i think the two it'll come down to are dilana and toby. interestingly enough, storm was the last american contestant...we've got quite the multi-culti final four: iceland, australia, canada, and south africa. way to go planet earth! i think it's also notable to mention that toby dedicated his song to steve irwin. toby is perfect.

Project Runway:
Hooray! Vincent is out! So my connecting the dots of that news item was wrong....i'm still not gonna bring it up here because it could still be a spoiler...but thank god. if laura were booted over vincent, i don't know what i would've done. i am of the group that did not think jeffrey's dress was the best...i thought uli had that challenge in the bag...but maybe it's just because i hate all things jeffrey. it's possible. i also realized in this episode that there are only two women remaining. interesting. i feel like by the time project runway has its finale, it'll already be fall reality corner time. but do you know what we have to look forward to then? america's next top fucking model. september 20th. don't you dare miss it.

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