Friday, September 15, 2006

Rock Star Update

OMG. This is too good to be true. So, you coolfacelets out there may or may not be aware of this lawsuit that Supernova was dealing with all throughout the show. Basically, there is already a band that exists called Supernova...and they've been around...oh about 17 years...and for obvious reasons, they aren't happy that these "superstars" felt that could just take their name and not deal with the consequences. So, the lesser known Supernova sued over trademark something or other, and guess what the fuck what? THEY WON!!! there was a court date of the 13th or the there's been speculation that the reason there was a double ouster early in the season and that they went into the finals with a foursome was because they had to have this show wrapped up by the time the case went to court.
The best part about it all (granted...i wouldn't be this happy about these things happening to them if they had picked Dilana, the person who properly earned that slot in their band) is that the band now HAS to use the name "Rock Star: Supernova". That's how they tour, that's how they release albums and singles. Hahahhahahaha. Take that Lukas. You're in a dweeby band now jerk.

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