Thursday, September 14, 2006

Summer Reality Corner: Final Edition

So, since fall comes around next week, this will be the last summer reality corner. However, there are still a few episodes of project runway left and of course america's next top fall reality corner should be pretty exciting.

Project Runway:
It is indeed sad that Kayne was dismissed yesterday, especially because it was between him and my archnemesis Jeffrey...but Kayne has had a few missteps in the past few weeks (what happened?!) so i guess it was his time. angela and vincent were brought back and given another chance at the finals...but because they both kind of suck and are totally bat shit crazy, they just turned around and went back home. angela was probably like "wait, you fly me to paris and turn me right back around? and then you bring me back on the show and then kick me off again? fleur chon?" and vincent was probably like "i like to play connect four with a banana. clothes? i win!" michael proved once again that he is awesome and amazing and my one true love. laura finally got some well deserved credit and won a challenge. she is also super hormonal with baby number six. it's kind of interesting to watch. she went from zero to 11 in just two episodes. she also went from stick thin to seriously preggers in that time. i'm really liking a top three of michael, laura, and uli. but unfortunately, we'll have to wait two weeks to find out who the top three will be.

ps, poor jia's bicycle/bus accident was finally brought up. this was the news item that i've been so cryptically referring to every so often. i read that she was in the finals and i was nervous that, since she was vincent's model, he would also be in the finals. but i guess they had their facts a little mixed up.

Rock Star:
What happened in the finale was completely ridiculous and just...there are no words....and believe me...this is NOT because i hate lukas. Lukas won. let's get that out of the way. the toddler-faced/pikachu/monchichi/"tranny midget"/christina ricci/weird canadian/(enter any other names here) was chosen after it came down to dilana and him. let's back up a little. final four: dilana, lukas, toby, magni. magni went first. that was no big surprise. toby was next. that was pretty shocking and toby looked pretty crushed. i wholeheartedly believe that the only reason lukas was chosen over dilana was because supernova didn't want a girl. bad move. i don't think they realize how many potential fans they lost and how many people downright hate lukas. a couple other interesting things: about 15 minutes into the broadcast, cbs played this weird survivor commercial intercut with clips of lukas singing his original song. this was definitely a mistake, and spoiled the ending within the first quarter of the show. also, i read an article today that said somebody revealed two weeks ago that lukas would win which led a lot of people to believe that maybe he had already been selected at the start and this whole show was really just an act. this makes two years in a row i've been letdown by the jerk that wins. oh well. what a summer it's been for all three of us that watch this show.

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